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1st Battalion 8th Artillery Association
Tropic Lightning
25th Infantry Division
President :                                                               Webmaster: Carl Johnson

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Military Decals and Graphics

Order of Battle

Organic or Assigned

HHC, 25th Infantry Division

HHC, 1st Brigade, 25th Infantry Division

Aviation Element [YELLOW JACKET]

HHC, 2d Brigade, 25th Infantry Division

HHC, 3d Brigade, 25th Infantry Division

Aviation Element [SNOOPY]

HHB, 25th Infantry Division Artillery

HHC and Band, 25th Infantry Division Support Command

25th Administration Company

2d Battalion (-), 34th Armor

[Co B attached 1st Infantry Division]

[Co C attached 1st Brigade, 5th Infantry Division]

1st Battalion, 8th Artillery (105mm howitzer)

7th Battalion, 11th Artillery (105mm howitzer)

3d Battalion, 13th Artillery (155mm/8" howitzer)

2d Battalion, 77th Artillery (105mm howitzer)

265th Field Artillery Detachment (Radar)

25th Aviation Battalion



3d Squadron, 4th Cavalry

Troop D (Air Cavalry) [CENTAUR]

9th Chemical Detachment

65th Engineer Battalion

1st Battalion (Mechanized), 5th Infantry

4th Battalion, 9th Infantry

2d Battalion, 12th Infantry

2d Battalion, 14th Infantry

2d Battalion (Mechanized), 22d Infantry

3d Battalion, 22d Infantry

4th Battalion (Mechanized), 23d Infantry

1st Battalion, 27th Infantry

2d Battalion, 27th Infantry

Company F (Ranger), 75th Infantry

38th Infantry Platoon (Scout Dog)

44th Infantry Platoon (Scout Dog)

46th Infantry Platoon (Scout Dog)

66th Infantry Platoon (Combat Tracker)

725th Maintenance Battalion

25th Medical Battalion

18th Military History Detachment

25th Military Intelligence Company

25th Military Police Company

15th Public Information Detachment

20th Public Information Detachment

125th Signal Battalion

25th Supply and Transportation Battalion



372d Army Security Agency Company

341st Aviation Detachment

362d Aviation Detachment

Battery B (Automatic Weapon, SP), 5th Battalion, 2d Artillery

one platoon, Battery I, 29th Artillery

258th Field Artillery Detachment (Counter-mortar Radar)

3d Platoon, 2d Civil Affairs Company

20th Medical Detachment (Preventive Medicine)

40th Medical Detachment

159th Medical Detachment (Helicopter Ambulance) [DUSTOFF]

44th Ordnance Detachment (Explosive Ordnance Disposal)

390th Quartermaster Detachment (Petroleum)

US Army Special Security Detachment

5th Weather Squadron Detachment (USAF)


Operational Control

3d Brigade, 9th Infantry Division

2d Battalion, 4th Artillery (105mm howitzer)

571st Engineer Company (Combat)

2d Battalion, 47th Infantry

6th Battalion, 31st Infantry

2d Battalion, 60th Infantry

5th Battalion, 60th Infantry

Company E (Ranger), 75th Infantry


Direct or General Support

HHD, 269th Aviation Battalion (Assault Helicopter)

116th Aviation Company (Assault Support Helicopter) [HORNET]

187th Aviation Company (Assault Helicopter) [CRUSADERS]

242d Aviation Company (Assault Support Helicopter) [MULE SKINNER]

Headquarters and Battery A, 6th Battalion, 15th Artillery

554th Engineer Battalion (Construction)

Company C, 588th Engineer Battalion (Combat)

362d Engineer Company

501st Engineer Company (Land Clearing)

515th Engineer Platoon (Asphalt Construction)

94th Maintenance Company

12th Evacuation Hospital

4th Medical Detachment

45th Medical Detachment (Surgical; MUST)

277th Service Battalion (Resupply)

Company B, 36th Signal Battalion

HHD, 86th Signal Battalion (Support)

578th Signal Company (Support)

587th Signal Company (Support)

53d Signal Detachment

283d Signal Detachment

20th Transportation Company (Aircraft)

61st Transportation Detachment

325th Weather Detachment

8th Aerial Port Squadron (USAF)


II Field Force elements with habitual association

7th Battalion, 8th Artillery (8" howitzer - 175mm Gun)

2d Battalion, 20th Artillery (Aerial Rocket) [BLUE MAX]

1st Battalion, 27th Artillery (155mm howitzer)

2d Battalion, 32d Artillery (175mm/8" howitzer)

5th Battalion, 42d Artillery (155mm howitzer)

145th Aviation Battalion

118th Aviation Company (Assault Helicopter) [THUNDERBIRD]

222d Aviation Battalion (Combat)

73d Aviation Company (Surveillance) [OV-1]

74th Aviation Company (Reconnaissance) [Bird Dog]

187th Aviation Company (Reconnaissance) [Bird Dog]

240th Aviation Company (Assault Helicopter)

93d Engineer Battalion (Construction)

168th Engineer Battalion

595th Engineer Company (Light Equipment)

588th Engineer Battalion (Combat) (-)

362d Engineer Company (Light Equipment)


US Air Force elements with habitual association

19th Tactical Air Support Squadron (Forward Air Control; OV-10) [ISSUE]

3d Tactical Fighter Wing (F-100; A-37)

31st Tactical Fighter Wing (F-100)

35th Tactical Fighter Wing (F-100)

8th Attack Squadron (A-37)


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