June 27, 2018

7 pm - 9 pm







Members should bring along a towel for their workspace, a water bottle, a small bowl, and a Petoskey stone (if they have one-if not, we will have some they can work with).  Everything else will be provided.  Also, if you have a prized Petoskey stone, piece of jewelry, or polished specimen, bring it to show and share!








 January 27, 2018

 South Whitley County Library

 See the Ted Schultz Gem collection

     March 3

March 10

 Richmond, IN

Cranbrook Institute of Science

 EIGGS Show & Fossil Collecting

Mineral Study Gallery

 April 21

 Medora, IN


 May 25, 26

 Alpena & Petosky Stone Festival


 June 2

 Wauseon, OH

 MSHA Training

 July 1 to July 5

 Western New York

 Herkimer diamonds, tourmaline, garnet

 July 21

 Flint Ridge, OH

 Colorful flint and quartz

 August 11

 South Haven MI area

 Septarian nodules





 Feb 25 2017

Chicago Field Museum of Natural History    

Minerals -gems-

Fossils- fabulous displays

 March 4 (postponed)

Richmond IN


 March 25

      LaFarge OH &

   Sickmiller Farm area

      Fossils and Indian artifacts

May 20 (changed from 4/29)

 Medora, IN

 Geodes and fossils

June 3

 Wauseon, OH

 Mine Safety training

 June 17

 Richmond IN


 June 24

 Au Glaize Quarry, OH

 Fluorite, calcite

 July 15-18 (Big trip)

 Georgia (Hogg Mine, Graves Mtn)

 Tourmaline, beryl, star rose quartz, rutile, pyrite

 August 19

 Flint Ridge, OH


Quartz, colorful flint


 Sept. 16

 Gold Panning at Salt Creek

 Gold, garnets, and more

 Nov. 4

Fox Island, Ft Wayne, IN



 Guided tour-geology of Fox Island

                        Dec. 9

 Langsdon Mineral Museum, Celina OH

 Mineral talk and exploring for fluorescent minerals


JUNIOR PROGRAM   (We meet during the adult business meeting)

 January 2018

 Why do minerals fluoresce?


 Famous Fluorescent Mineral Localities


 Safety Tips and Fluorescence


 Activators that make stuff fluoresce


 Colors of commonly fluorescent rocks


 Finishing colors of commonly fluorescent rocks.  Finish patch requirements for Fluorescent Minerals.


Last Year

 January 2017

 Make orthorhombic  crystal model. Learn about luster as a clue to mineral ID


 Make hexagonal crystal model.  Use Hardness as a clue to mineral ID.


 Learn about Quartz.  Test hardness of minerals.


 Monoclinic crystal model.  Learn about cleavage & fracture.


 More on cleavage and fracture


 Growing crystals (with the adults)


 Show N Tell; Mineral ID keys you missed


 State rock report due.  Learn how to make a show display


 Growing Crystals


 Finish Rocks and Mineral patch requirements


ANNUAL SHOW - OCT. 19, 20 & 21, 2018


Mark your calendars for the 58th Annual Gem, Mineral, Fossil, Lapidary and Jewelry Show and Sale at the Allen County Indiana fairgrounds (2726 Carroll Road, Fort Wayne.       More info at our  SHOW WEBSITE.

  Note: show website is not yet updated for 2018.



 For information on any of the above, phone Michele Yamanaka (260) 424-5070 or email her at