January 25

7 pm - 9 pm



Program: A Trip Down Memory Lanel

Bring memories of favorite field trips, specimens found
and what you did with them






 FIELD TRIPS  2016 - (2017 TBD)





 July 9

July 23

Au Glaize quarry

Hueston Woods State Park

Minerals - waiting list only



 Aug. 8-12

 Upper Peninsula, MI

 Copper, silver, datolite, agate

 Sept. 17

 Flint Ridge, MI

 Colorful flint, Quartz crystals

 Nov. 5

   Southside Sandstone Quarry


 JUNIOR PROGRAM   (We meet during the adult business meeting)


Learn about how the streak of a mineral may help to identify it.  Build an orthorhombic paper crystal model.




ANNUAL SHOW - OCT. 20, 21 & 22


Mark your calendars for the 56th Annual Gem, Mineral, Fossil, Lapidary and Jewelry Show and Sale at the Allen County Indiana fairgrounds (2726 Carroll Road, Fort Wayne.  Our theme for 2017 is CRINOIDS: Indiana's Most Famous Fossil.    More info at our  SHOW WEBSITE.



 For information on any of the above, phone Michele Yamanaka (260) 424-5070 or email her at