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New News-

     Cleared the News Board. Added a new logo. (December 24, 2000)   

Old News-

     We have found out the date and location on when and where Ann Reinking was born the 10, November, 1949, Seattle, Washington, USA. (November 15, 1998)

     The winners of the 16TH ANNUAL TDF ASTAIRE AWARDS for Excellence in Dance on Broadway have been announced by Theatre Development Fund, the awards' administrator. This year's award for Best Choreographer will go to ANN REINKING for her work in Chicago. In a TDF Astaire Awards first, there are two winners of the award for Best Female Dancer. Statues for Best Female Dancer will go to BEBE NEUWIRTH and ANN REINKING for their performances in CHICAGO! (Early in 1998)

Brand New All That Jazz Pictures from the movie...Check it out here.

    The Pictures, Sounds, and Videos of Ann Reinking in her movies, magazines, and etc. belong to their original owner. Therefore we are disclaiming any ownership on those items which are listed above. No infringement is intended.

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