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Ann Reinking's Tony Acceptance Speech: "Thank you very much. This is such a curious thing to do, to want to be a dancer for the rest of your life and realize you can't.. be a dancer for the rest of your life. But its a ..... its a thing that dancers must do it's sort-of an un-written law and we're supposed to pass on what we know and give back. I can't thank you enough for this opportunity (applause). I have very special friends in my life and people who have loved me and been good to me. I thank all of them, I thank my friend Debi McWaters, Lee Gross, and my dear husband Peter and.... I have a cold I'm really not crying (laughter). I thank everybody in the show. ...This is a collaborative effort and without it we cannot exist and I thank the opportunity to give back. I thank my teachers I thank the one man who stood up for me so many times. THIS ONE'S FOR YOU BOBBY!"
-Ann Reinking
Tony Awards
June 1, 1997

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