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Srinagar, Kashmir


Arti Tiku Kaul born and brought up in Srinagar, Kashmir, started her singing career at the age of 6 as a radio entertainer and soon became a popular TV entertainer as well. Arti received her MA in Classical Music from Punjab and Allahabad Universities. She has taught music in College of Music and Fine Arts at University of Kashmir. Arti has made few Kashmiri audiotapes which have become quite popular with Kashmiri community.

Arti has been encouraged all through her musical career by her family, especially by her sister Shana Mattoo, who has been the force behind her and her brother Pran Tiku and most importantly her parents, Shri T.N Tiku and Kanta Tiku. Arti has been trained and groomed as a accomplished singer by her Guru Shri T. K. Jalali, a great exponent of the Gwalior Gharana of music. Under his guidance, Arti became one of the most profound classical singer and later on a teacher. Arti has received tremendous support in her musical career from her husband Arvind Kaul, who is her most important critic and admirer.

Arti has performed in major Indian cities and has represented the Government of India in West Indies, Venezuela, and North America in cultural and social exchange programs. In 1993, Arti moved to USA and taught music in Boston area.

Along with her music, Arti also is a trained Graphic Designer/Desktop Publisher and is working on some projects at home. 

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