Vault lives in Kuching and would like hear from any British Commonwealth Forces stationed there during the Confrontation

Information sought on Donald Annat,a Yorkshireman,who served in the SAS in Borneo

The son of Pte.B.G.Braddick,2nd.Battalion,Royal Welsh Fusiliers who served as Radio Operator/Bren Gunner in Malaya 1954-56 would like to get in touch with any of his Dads old chums.

The son of Donald Lorraine Smith who lost a leg whilst serving with the Royal Welsh Fusiliers in Malaya during the Emergency in the early 1950s is looking for any of his Dad's Army

Ian Hunter ex Para.Regt.,Malayan Scouts & 22 SAS Ian was in 7 Troop,A Sqdn.(believed to be 'A' but could have been 'B') operating in Perak in the 1950s,one of his chums was Sailor Maine and his Troop Commander is thought to have been Capt.Border. Ian died last year and his son,Mark,would like to hear from anyone who knew his Dad in the Army(see Photos page).

Barry Fleming was in the Intelligence Corps.stationed at 28th.Brigade H.Q.,Terendak Garrison,Malacca between 1965-68. Any of his old chums can contact him at

Colin Bell served in 410 Indepent Plant Group,Royal Engineers on road building in Hong Kong 1949-50 and Malaya 1950-52,he would like to hear from any of his old comrades.Email address is

Tom Feeley ex 26(Ind.)LAA Sqdn.,RAF Regiment,Changi 1963-65 is looking for a couple of old chums.'Tich Friend' from Bristol and Eddie Full,Eng.Mech.from Plymouth.Email Tom at

James Collister, Gunner,Royal Artillery was in Malaya at the start of the Emergency in 1948 and served with several Infantry units including the Kings Own Yorkshire Light Infantry,anybody who knew James can contact him via his daughter at mail to

Suffolk Regt Den Conyard of 7 Platoon,early 1950s in Malaya, would like to hear from any old chums.Contact thru his son: martin

Gods Little Acre R.Thambipillay author of the book is considering producing a revised edition to encompass the details of all expatriate Police and Civilians killed during the Emergency and buried in cemeteries other than Batu Gajah.If you can assist with names,dates,burial locations please contact Mr.Pillay at

Police Lt.G.Binns,Federation of Malaya Police Information sought on this Officer,after leaving Malaya he joined the Rhodesia Police during the UDI period.Contact Greg Koll at

Don Harcup,Royal West Kent Regt. Don served as a medic in 4 Platoon,B Coy (2nd.Lt.Parker) in Malaya 1953-54 and would like to hear from any old mates,in particular Jim Lewis,Dave Webster and Malvaney-last name forgotten,cut his hand whilst on patrol,last seen on gate at Maidstone. Email to

656 Sqdn.Army Air Corps see message from Keith Stone in Guestbook

RAAF,Butterworth,65/68 see message from Eddie Thompson in Guestbook

L/Bombadier Bowman,22466033 died in Hong Kong on 13/7/54 and was buried in the Colonial Cemetry,Military Section,Happy Valley. His sister would like to have details of his death,location of his grave and its present condition,info to

John Smart,Rhodesian Air Force Helicopter pilot believed to have served in Borneo,any information to

Malayan Navy The Malayan Naval Force was raised in Singapore in 1948 with British Officers and Malay O/Rs. Mudzaffar Alfian is researching the history of this Force and would like to hear from anyone having knowledge or who served in this

Bob Clopet served in 45 Commando,RM in Malaya in the early 1950s. His daughter would like to hear from anyone who knew him in those days or could tell her about some of the Ops 45 Commando did that her Dad might have been involved in. Email to: CLOPET@EXCITE.CO.UK

Dato Charles Miller,CPM 'Dusty' suffered a stroke before Xmas and is now in a nursing home,he would appreciate hearing from any of his old friends from his Police days in Malaya (Perak,Pahang & Songkla) and Brunei.Email to: for address.

Sabah War Graves Ken Bradley,ex Directorate of Operations Borneo, visits Sabah regularly and offers to photograph war graves for relatives.Ken can be contacted at : Rion Ltd@CSI.Com

Michael Allan Sammy born Kuching,Sarawak 20th.Feb.,1964 son of an Iban mother and (he believes) a British soldier of Scottish descent would like to contact his father or his fathers family. Information to:

John King,Ist Btn.Hampshire Regt. served in Malaya in 1954. His daughter has many photos taken during that time and would like to put names to them. Email to:

9447 Marine Rowland John Cherry,40 Commando died in Malaya 8th.April,1951.PC 533 Ken Fowler of Warickshire Police would like details of the circumstances leading to his death.Ken can be contacted at:

Malayan Scouts Steve Sexton is doing research on the Malayan Scouts and would like to hear from anyone who was a member in the early 1950s. Email to :

Raymond Ali, Royal Welch Fusiliers served in the 2nd./Ist.Battalion, Malaysia/Cyprus in the 1950s/60s. An old friend looking for him.

Police Lt.Cecil Arthur O'Keeffe, F.M.P. was killed in the Benta Area of Pahang 16/1/1955. His son Denis would like contact with anyone who might have known his father in Malaya. Email:

Police Lt.J.R.Wardell,F.M.P & Major G.W.Webb OBE,Deputy Commissioner Prisons,Malaya Paul Riches is seeking information on these two persons. Email to

Moon Over Malaya by Johnathan Moffat & Audrey Holmes McCormick.For those interested in events in Malaya prior to the Emergency this book details the fighting retreat of the 2nd.Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders and a small band of Royal Marines,the self styled "Plymouth Argyll"who became attached to them, down the Malay Peninsula in 1942 and their experiences after the fall of Singapore. Available from Amazon,UK.
Police Lt.621 Patrick (Tim) Timony died in Johore Bahru Hospital 20th.June,1951from gunshot wounds received the previous day. His daughter, Mary, would like to hear from anyone who knew Tim and could supply details of the circumstances leading to his death and the location of his grave. Email to:

Capt. Gordon W.R.Turral,Intelligence Corps. Capt.Turrall died in Malaya on 12th.February,1950. His niece would like to hear from anyone who knew him and could provide information on him and the circumstances of his death . Email to:
13/18 Royal Hussars, 1952/53 George Bell is looking for any one who knew him, 1st.troop, C sqd.Seremban and Bahau,Negri Sembilan, Particularly Derrick Yale ,Jim Squirrel, Joe Tucker and the rest.

W.O.Frank Williams B.E.M., Malayan Scouts/SAS Frank served from 1950 to 1969 in Malaya,Oman,Southern Arabia & Borneo,in 1965 was engaged in setting up the Regiment's Operations Research Dept. Frank died in August,2000, his children would like to hear from anyone who knew their Dad during his Army days.

British Land Rovers in Malaya
Information needed for a book I'm writing on British Military Land Rovers , Does anyone recall using any Rolls-Royce engined Series I's in Malaya ( Royal West Kents had 4 ) or does anyone recall any vehicles fitting this description " Land Rover ( LWB Armoured Carrier ) 1959, Armour Box w/ports , Improvised in Malaya " -possibly done by 13 Infantry W/shop REME or 40 Base W/shop ? any information or photo's of these or any other Land Rovers in Malaya would be a great help . Please contact Alan at :

Road Ambush Shaharom Ahmad, a Researcher for the Malaya Historical Group, is seeking information on a road ambush involving three British Army Officers and their driver on the Dangi to Tampin Rd. during the Emergency. The driver managed to escape but the three Officers were killed in the engagement. Information

Incident on Thai Border Martin Shelvey,ex Cpl.RAF, was involved in lifting a party of 1st Battalion Royal New Zealand Regt. into Kroh on the Malay/Thai border with twin engine Pioneers for an operation in 1961. The planes waited to lift the patrol out during which time the RAF chaps heard heavy firing, eventually the Kiwis returned with a score of 5 CTs killed. Anybody remember this ? Emails to

GALLANTRY AWARD RECIPIENTS - Info sought on two former FoM Police members who were decorated during the early phase of the emergency:
1. Honorary Inspector LESLIE WELDON LITKIE, Federation of Malaya Auxiliary Police received the Colonial Police Medal for Gallantry via London Gazette 10 June 1949, an immediate award jointly gazetted with 3rd Class Police Constable Abdul Majid bin Haji Din. No citation details are given in the London Gazette, and info is sought on the incident for which he was decorated as well as any biographical details and/or a photo of him. 2. Sergeant Major IBRAHIM BIN SALLEH, K.P.M., Federation of Malaya Police received the King's Police Medal per London Gazette 10 April 1950, for an ambush which occurred on 5 August 1949. In addition to the King's Police Medal, Salleh received the Colonial Police Meritorious Service Medal some time after 1952. Any details about the incidents or about LITKIE or SALLEH most appreciated. Contact William F. Brown, Jr. at

Forgotten Wars Martin Spirit,webmaster of Britains Small Wars, is working on a project to make films of some of the incidents involving British and Commonwealth forces post WW2. One film will concern the Malayan Emergency and one the Indonesian Confrontation. For more details go to

Abner Lamb did two tours with the Malayan Scouts/SAS during the 1950s in Malaya. His nephew Robert Daglish would like to hear from anybody who knew his uncle during this time. Email to

28th.Commonwealth Infantry Brigade Group This Groups Swimming and Water Polo Championships were held at Terendak Olympic Pool in July 1963. Edline Barham's father of the 1st Battalion New Zealand Regt. competed in the swimming events and she would like to hear from anyone who remembers these Championships. Email to :

RSM Arthur Berry,RASC served in Malaya in 1948 and subsequently joined the Malayan Police. His daughter would like to hear from anyone who knew her father in Malaya. Email to :

"The Sharp End" is the title of a book that is being published soon under the auspices of the Royal Malaysia Police Former Officers Assn.U.K., it will contain some seventy contributions from Malaysian Police Officers who served during the Emergency. Further details from the Assns. Secretary at 1 Lake Road, Tunbridge Wells, Kent TN4 8XT, U.K.

13/18 Hussars & R.E.M.E Ipoh,1959/60 John Jennings is seeking members of these two units, Email to:

Ian Harcourt Webb,Australian Military Police served in Malaya 1958-61,had a chum called Jock. His daughter,Dee Webb, would like to hear from anyone who knew her father and might have photos. Email:

Police Lt. Ronald Lord was killed in action in the Chenderiang area of Perak Dec.16th.1951. His son would like to hear from anyone who knew his father during his time in the Federation of Malaya Police. Email to:

Asst.Supt. Darryl R. Halford-Watkins, F of M Police born Burma 6/8/1922 died Ottawa,Canada 2/7/1974. Anyone who knew this Officer or has information about him please contact Christopher McCreery, Queens University, Kingston,Ontario,Canada. Email to:

Sherwood Foresters Ray Brookes served with the Foresters in Malaya 1958 to 1960 and would like to hear from anyone who was there at that time.Email

28th.Commonwealth Independent Infantry Brigade,Malaya Steve Richards who served in Butterworth 1954/57 is looking for a book giving the history of the Brigade in the Malayan Emergency, he believes it was written by "an officer". Any for the attention of D.Pearman.

Borneo 1964 to 66 Ron Hackett ex Royal Military Police/ Special Investigations Branch would like to hear from an old friend, D.E.Birro, who,in 1965 was Inspector,O.C.Crime,Kuching or anyone knowing of him. Ron also seeks information on the raid on Tebedu Police Station April,1963.Email:

Royal Engineers,410 Plant Troop 1949-52 Ken Elliot was a member of this Troop and served in Hong Kong and Malaya. His Grandson would like to hear from any of Ken's chums from that time.

Robert Eugene Dunn, 1st.Btn. Worcestershre Regt. killed in Malaya 1952. Hls sister would like to hear from anyone who served with Bob and knows the circumstances surrounding his death. Email to

Barry Wilson,Sherwood Foresters served on attachment to 1st.Btn.Royal Linconshire Regt. in Malaya in the late '50s. His daughter would like to hear from any of her father's friends or anyone who served in these two units during that time.

Alibrinti Tunnels It is believed these tunnels are located somewhere in Malaya. Anyone with information please contact : kieran

Arthur Hugh McKinley, Police Lt.,Royal Malaysian Police Believed to be now living in Australia, his sister Phoebe would like to contact him. Email to:

WRAF,Changi 1952/53 Sylvia Slack worked in FEAF HQ Accounts and married John (Jack) Grayson of the RAAF in May 1953 at St.Georges,Changi with the reception at the Malcolm Club. Would like to hear from old friends.

Malayan Police Lt.676 E.C.Kilford This Officer was awarded the Colonial Police Medal for Gallantry on 20/9/51, information is sought on the circumstances leading to this award.

Brunei Rebellion,1962 Any person having information of the liberation of Bekenu Town by the Green Jackets is asked to contact Z.A.Murshidi ( son of one of the civil servants detained by the rebels) who is doing research on this incident. Email to:

Jesselton 1960/67 Shirley Beazley had a good friend, Jane Williamson, whose father,Colin?, was a Serviceman stationed at the Jesselton airport. Shirley would like to catch up with Jane or anybody who might know her.

Malayan Police Lt.135 Raymond Dancey,KPM Anyone knowing Ray Dancey during his Malayan Police days is asked to contact his daughter Jane who would like to find out more about her fathers time in Malaya.

HQ. Squadron,4th.Hussars, Ipoh 1949/51 Alan Summersett would like to hear from any old chums who served with him in Ipoh, particulary 'Staff'Parry who taught him to ride the BSA 500s he kept falling off.

Police Lt.457 P.C.E.Bjorkman Joined Malayan Police as European Sgt. shortly after the start of the Emergency. In 1951,as a P/Lt.,spent a considerable period at Kampong Aur,Pahang, left the Police in 1952. Anyone with information regarding P.Bjorkman please Email to

Police Lt. W.J.(Jim) Spearman CPM was Fort Commander at Fort Iskandar when it was visited by Sir Donald MacGillivray in April 1954. This visit was reported in the newspaper (believed to be the Straits Times) by a journalist named Anderson. Jim has now passed away and his brother,Colin, would like to obtain a copy of the newspaper article. Anyone who can help please Email:

Rugby in Malaysia Ng Peng Kong has recently published a book "Rugby - A Malaysian Chapter" in which Commonwealth Forces Teams feature including details of the road ambush of the 4th. Queens Own Royal Hussars team when on it's way to Singapore to play the RASC. Also mentioned is the Joint Services team, Commonwealth Forces North and South and 1st.Btn.RNZIR teams. Ng would like to add to the Commonwealth Forces rugby teams history in Malaya pre Independence or in Malaysia post Independence and asks for anyone with stories to tell contact him.

HMS Wilkieston, Straits of Malacca 1966 Information is sought on an incident involving this vessel in which an Officer was killed and a Petty Officer severely wounded, damage to the Wilkieston required a visit to Singapore for repairs. HMAS Parramatta went to the aid of the Wilkieston and David Carman who was serving on Parramatta at that time would like to hear from anybody who remembers this incident.

12th.Royal Lancers I served in Ipoh / Quantan with the 12th anyone who remembers LEGS Kellett 22829658 please contact for a chat. Regiment returned England i was transfered to Derbyshire Yeomanry @ Chesterfield & Alfreton , did the 2 weeks in Scotland with TA annual camp, Sgt. Haines was at Chesterfield / Alfreton at same time.

Matthew Francis Birrell served during the Emergency in one of the Highland Regts. and received a non-fatal bullet wound to his right shoulder. Matthew's relatives would like to contact anyone who might have known him.

Short Story Could you write one ? Could you use $1,000.00 ? Check out

Medal NMBVA,Colchester,UK report that a privately produced medal is available to members of British Forces who served in Malaya 1948-60. The following description is taken from their website: Now is the chance to wear with pride our very own MALAYAN CAMPAIGN MEDAL, produced in self recognition of the time spent in arduous jungle conditions and Warfare, generally accepted as the worst from of combat where the enemy was threefold, the foe, the jungle and the climate!

The medal, 36mm in diam. and cast in Cupro-Nickel with a universal ribbon suspender and bears on the Obverse side a torch (of freedom), supported by two Malayan Kris (National Emblem) with a surround of water vine over a date-line 1948 - 1960. The Reverse side depicts the title "MALAYAN CAMPAIGN - EMERGENCY SERVICE 1948-1960" and surrounded with a floral garland over the Latin inscription PALMAM QUI MERUIT, FERAT. (Translation) "Let him who has won the palm (of victory), wear it".
The medal comes with a distinctive ribbon in five colours. Outside edges in Red and Blue for the British services, in the centre equi-spaced stripes of Black, White and Green to represent the three shades encountered in the jungle.
The medal comes singly, swing mounted and ready to wear at a very competitive price of 22 plus 1 pp. U.K. only (recorded delivery)
Cheques and P.O.'s made payable to DEE-BEE (MEDALS), 78 CALVERT LANE, HULL, EAST YORKSHIRE, HU4 6BJ. Tel: 01482 353542.

SlimSchool, Cameron Highlands Former pupils are holding a reunion at the Aztec Hotel, Bristol, Saturday 2nd.October, 2004. Further details from Gloria Gomm.

Police Lt. Joseph Hollinshead Carr served in the Malayan Police during the Emergency. His son would like to hear from anyone who knew his father during that time.

Ronald Pointon, 4th. Queens Own Hussars served in Malaya 1947/48, one of his mates was called 'Ginger' Duffy. Malinda Pointon, Ronalds daughter, would like to hear from anyone who knew her father.

Cap Badge & Belt Buckle Kelantan Military Police cap badge and FMP belt buckle are sought. Email to :

Pingat Khidmat Berbakti ( General Service Medal) Issued by the Federation of Malaya Government between 1960/65 to members of their Army,Navy,Air Force and Police Services who served during the Emergency. Further information on this medal can be found in the publication "Malayan Orders and Decorations" by Haji Abdul Mubin Sheppard, PPT, CMG, MBE, ED, Malayan Civil Service and E.H.O'Toole, DFC.

Deputy Supt.of Police Harchand Singh served in the Malayan Police 1930 to 1969 in various places Kuantan(OCPD),Baling,Kroh Taiping,Alor Star finally ending his service in Ipoh.His son, Rawindar, would like to hear from anyone who knew his father. Email:

Derek Eric David Cake, F Troop, B Squadron, 22 SAS served in Malaya in the 1940s to the '60s. His son would like to hear from anyone who knew his father during those times. Email:

2 RAR 50yr.Reunion 2 RAR hold their annual reunion on the last Saturday in October at Twin Towns,Tweed Heads. Next year,'05, will mark 50yrs. since the first of the Australian Forces embarked for Malaya and to mark the event Kevin Dean O.A.M.,President, 2 RAR Assn.invites all veterans of  Malaya/Borneo of all the Services to attend the reunion. The following Email received 26/10/04The reunion for the fiftieth anniversary of the 2 Battalion Royal Australian Regiment which landed in Penang in October 1955 for a tour of duty of two years is to take place a Twin Towns Tweed Heads NSW on the 29 October 2005. A Memorial service at nine am followed by meet and greet at the ANZAC Room in Twin Towns Service Club. Cost is forty dollars for the veteran and twenty five dollars for our partners. This covers drinks and lunch. Plenty of accommodation in the area and this is the reponsibilty of the veteran. So we hope to see you there. Regards Mr Kevin R Dean O.A.M. President 2 RAR Association  More details from:

Tony Toms ex A Coy. Royal West Kents Tony served in Kuala Lumpur & Bentong and returned with the Regt. to the UK in 1953. Tony's wife,Gaile, would like to hear from any ex West Kents who were in Malaya at that time.

Malaysian Service Medal ( Pingat Jasa Malaysia ) The Malaysian Govt.has announced (Nov.'04) that it will be awarding this medal to members of British & Commonwealth Armed Forces and British and Commonwealth citizens who served in the Police Service or other Govt.Depts. in Malaysia at any time during the period 31st. August, 1957 to 12th.August, 1966. Those wishing to apply for this award should contact their Govt's Defence Department; the Malaysian Govt. will not accept applications from individuals.( The President of the Australian Returned Services League has written to the Malaysian High Commissioner in Australia to ask if his Govt. would consider extending the period of eligibilty for Australian Forces to 30th. September, 1967). January 21st.'05, the following just received: House of Lords (11 January 2005)
Speaking on behalf of Tony Blair's Government Baroness Symons of Vernham Dean: rejects the PINGAT JASA MALAYSIA MEDAL for all UK ex-servicemen who served in Malaya Emergency & Borneo confrontation 1957-66.
Baroness Symons of Vernham Dean:
Service Medals Lord Chadlington asked Her Majesty's Government: Whether present or former eligible members of Her Majesty's forces will be entitled to wear the medal recently awarded by the government of Malaysia to all Commonwealth ex-servicemen who served in either the emergency or the confrontation between 1957 and 1966. [HL582]
Baroness Symons of Vernham Dean: No. HMG's rules on the acceptance and wearing of foreign awards preclude the acceptance of medals for events in the distant past or more than five years previously. In addition, the rules do not allow for a foreign award to be accepted if a British award has been given for the same service. Eligible veterans of the Emergency or Confrontation in Malaya should already have received the Malaya Bar to their General Service Medal.
All British citizens require permission from HMG to accept and wear foreign state awards. HMG have to date, received no request from the Malaysian Government for this medal to be presented to British ex-servicemen who are veterans of the Emergency or Confrontation in Malaya.
March 3rd.,2005 The following Motion submitted to House of Commons by group of Ulster MP's         " That this House notes the announcement by the Malaysian Government that it wishes to award the Pingat Jasa Malaysia Medal to all Commonwealth ex-service personnel who served in either the Emergency or the Confrontation in that country between 1957 and 1966; recalls that a number of British Army regiments, including the Royal Ulster Rifles, served in Borneo during that period together with other elements of the United Kingdom Armed Forces; further notes the decision of the Australian Government to accept the award of this medal for its ex-service personnel; and calls on Her Majesty's Government to enter into discussions with the Malaysian Government to ensure that those British ex-service personnel who qualify for the award of the Pingat Jasa Malaysia Medal should receive this just recognition of their valiant service to the Crown and the people of Malaysia."
March 25th.,2005 The UK's Daily Express newspaper has now taken up the cause, here is a recent article from the paper:Leslie Thomas (Author of Virgin Soldiers) gave the campaign his backing he said: "Medals are a form of recognition They mean a great deal. If other nations are accepting these medals why cant we?"
Forces sweetheart Dame Vera Lynn insisted the medals should be awarded to the (1957-66 Malaya-Borneo) ex-servicemen. She said 'It is a pity Medals mean a lot to anybody who has served their counrty by fighting in a war, and rightly so. Veterans wear medals with pride. It is a form of recognition for what they they have done and a way of remembering ther comrades who did not return home. I dont see why the Government isn't allowing this"
Dad's army star Bill Pertwee - who lost his brother in WW2 - said "I fully support your campaign. I find it strange the government wont allow this. If a country wants to honour our men, why shouldn't it? Malaysia would not suggest it if it did not feel the medal was deserved".
Major General Corran Purdon MC who commanded the Ulster Rifles in Borneo, said "We think we've had a raw deal on this. A campaign medal means a hell of a lot to a veteran. It is something they are very proud of and they love it when they have an unusual medal like this"
Major Peter Elliot ( Royal Artillery Borneo) said: "This government is being childish over this. If malaysia want to recognise what the British armed forces did then it should be allowed to. This is being offered as a gift and should be accepted as such."
The Daily express has seen documents highlighting the contrast between Australia's response and Britian's lack of interest, which many believe is a slap in the face to believe to both the veterans and Malaysia. An extract from the papers reads: Australia and Malaysia enjoy a long standing and valuable defense system. Australian civil servants are compiling lists of veterans and application forms have been sent out so servicemen receive the medals they are entitled to.
MP Jeffery Donaldson who represents the Democratic Unionist party, has tabled the commons motion. He said: "I am delighted you are highlighting this issue. These men put their lives on the line for their country. What is holding the Government back? Surely its up to the men and women who served in Malaysia to decide if they receive this medal. What right does the government have to make that decision.?"
A motion has now been tabled in the House of Commons demanding the government allows veterans who fought in the Far East to accept a special commemorative medal.
A senior official at the Malaysian High Commission in London said: "We are liaising with the Foreign office on this matter. We are working with them to resolve the issue"
Thanks to George Fleming for this information................more later
31st. Jan. 2006 HM Govt announces Service personnel who served in Malaysia for 90 days between Aug.'57 and Sept.'66 may now apply.
4th.May,05 This is a message for RON HACKETT in response to his message for DE BIRRO. My father is Edward (Ted) Birro. He served in Malaya and the Middle East. He says he knows you from the Middle East. If the DE BIRRO to whom you refer is my father, you can contcat him via my email I am his daughter. I tried to contact you on this email address is no longer active.
6th.Aug.,05 Johnny Butler & Ken Murphy ex Australian Artillery believed to have served with Field Battery in Penang in the 1960s. Both were members Kangaroos Basketball Team. Johnny believed to have married lady called Barbara. Might be living Queensland, Salisbury/Brisbane area. Samantha of South Africa is looking for you.

23rd.Oct.'05 William Frederick Bradley an Officer in New Zealand Army who is believed to have served in SAS during Emergency. Charles Moore would like to hear from anyone with information on this person.
Email to: