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A slew of 'women in the arts' books were published in the 70's. The Gorilla Girls were born. The books became my support group. I went back to school to complete my master's degree.

I have listed a few of the 'women in the arts' books -- from the 70's to the present. I hope other women artists find the books a support -- and a pleasure.

Some women (probably younger women who don't know any better) may say that there should be no distinction made between male and female artists. Very well meaning male artists might say the same. Someday that may be true. Until then -- I hope the women artists enjoy the possibilities pointed out by the books.

I wish you confidence in your work.

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BOOKS IN PRINT - Click on the links below to see a review of each book

Feminism and Contemporary Art : The Revolutionary Power of Women's Laughter (Re Visions : Critical Studies in the History and Theory of Art) by Jo Anna Isaak

The Guerrilla Girls' Bedside Companion to the History of Western Art by Guerrilla Girls

Beyond the Flower : The Autobiography of a Feminist Artist by Judy Chicago

The Power of Feminist Art: The American Movement of the 1970s, History and Impact by Norma Broude (Editor), Mary D. Garrard (Editor)

Overlay : Contemporary Art and the Art of Prehistory by Lucy R. Lippard

Women Artists: An Illustrated History by Nancy G. Heller, Nancy Grubb (Editor)

Making Their Mark : Women Artists Move into the Mainstream, 1970-85 by Randy Rosen, Catherine Brawer, Ellen Landau, Calvin Tomkins, Ferris Olin (Contributor), Thomas McEvilley (Contributor)

Seeing Ourselves : Women's Self-Portraits by Frances Borzello

Women, Art, and Society (World of Art) by Whitney Chadwick

Women Artists and the Surrealist Movement by Whitney Chadwick

The Art of Reflection : Women Artists' Self-Portraiture in the Twentieth Century by Marsha Meskimmon

The Pink Glass Swan : Selected Essays on Feminist Art by Lucy R. Lippard

Portrait of an Artist : A Biography of Georgia O'Keeffe by Laurie Lisle

Louise Bourgeois by Paul Gardner

Frida : A Biography of Frida Kahlo by Hayden Herrera, Heyden Herrera

A Graphic Muse; Prints by Contemporary American Women by Richard S. Field, Ruth Fine (Photographer)

Contemporary American Women Artists by Cedco Book Collection Staff

BOOKS OUT OF PRINT - Can be ordered by used book search from Amazon or look at the library

From the center : feminist essays on women's art by Lucy R. Lippard

American Women Artists by Charlotte Rubenstein

Women Artists, 1550-1950 by Ann Sutherland Harris

Originals : American Women Artists by Eleanor Munro

Dawns and Dusks : Taped Conversations With Diana MacKown by Louise Nevelson, Diana MacKown

Audrey Flack on Painting by Audrey Flack

Old Mistresses by Rozske Pollock, Griselda Parker

Women Artists : Recognition and Reappraisal from the Early Middle Ages to the Twentieth Century by Karen Petersen