Beverly Sipos - Artist Statement

The art work on this site is pretty simple -- no political or metaphysical content at all -- I am a painter of my life.

I love to paint, I have a studio and supplies and time -- I paint. I get up in the morning eat breakfast and to work -- if Iím lucky. If Iím not lucky, I have to do dishes or run errands.

I seem to paint for about two years and then have enough to enter the juried shows and spread the work out in the galleries.

Figure painting is what I do most and I have developed some feeling for landscape paintings in recent years. The landscapes sell and the figure paintings win prizes. My subjects are my friends and my family and my yard. I've done lots of paintings of people sitting around tables -- conversations. I like to do people in interiors -- light and color.

I really could be painting anything... it is the color and light that I love.

I know the above statement kind of pooh-poohs any intellectual involvement in doing artwork.... which is really not the case with me. I do have a master's degree and have taken many, many art history classes. I do sort of have an idea of where I fit in the scheme of American art -- BUT -- I rather resent 'art speak' and prefer to just think of myself as a painter. I somehow feel that all that I know and all that I have experienced will sift out in the long run.

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