Beverly Sipos - Artist Studio

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This is my studio


 I've also taken over a good bit of the garage but we won't go into that.


The following is an example of how I have used the computer to help set up the art work. Ulead PhotoImpact came with my scanner. I upgraded to their 4.2 version which has several aids for the web integrated. Their address is: -- there is a free trial download. This program cost a fraction of what some of the more popular ones cost and it does a lot.

I generally work from photographs. The computer, scanner and the photo munipulation programs allow me to fool around with the photos -- compose, crop and combine. I won't say it saves me time -- but I think it's fun.


With the oil I am starting -- I decided to combine two photos.

So I cut them apart.

I had to adjust the size of one a little to fit with the other -- then I stuck them together.

I used the computer to move some parts around and finish out the picture.

And I have the compositon -- after a little cropping -- of the painting I want to do. Next I made a file for the inverted find edge look to simplifiy the drawing.

I sketch directly on the canvas with paint and brush.

This is a couple of days work -- it's a start. The finished painting can be found on the FIGURE page.


The subject of the painting includes Gene Harwick and Jo Ann Day. They are both long time friends of mine. Gene gave me the loose topic of his sail boat to work the art around.


If anyone has any questions about the processes please e-mail me.