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Basteln Haus

Basteln Haus, located in Chicago, IL, now has a presence on the Web. We are a cottage industry model company specializing in creating the most detailed, accurate, easy to build and affordable interior kits on the market. We make sure to include all of the extras that take your kits to the next level by providing not only resins, but also photo-etched sheets, wiring, and all the other bonuses that make our kits stand out years ahead of our competition's kits. Basteln Haus kits truly have a distictive style amongst other cottage industry kits.

Sorry for the un-SITE-ly nature of our web page. After the release of "The Agitator", Basteln Haus will have a more fully functional web site - including a historical and pictoral research center and message board for all you modelers out there. Until then, please except our apology. Thanks!

Announcing "The Agitator", a 1/35 scale Hetzer fighting compartment! *to accommodate Dragon's® Hetzer kits

"The Agitator" kit includes:

Professionally cast, superbly detailed resin parts -
no more resin kits that look as though they were carved from cheese!
oPhoto-etched sheets -
for floor and sheet metal fabrications
oGenerous amounts of copper wiring -
for realistic cables and wiring, as small as .002 thin!
Air intake parts -
for displaying your Hetzer with the engine hatches closed
Extra 30 watt radio set -
allows you to build the command version or the G-13 (of course all wiring, mounting frames and antenna mount are included!)
Remote MG (internal and external) -
awesome remote MG: mounts, shields, wirings and all internal controls also included
Other goodies...
so many we can't begin to list them all: full gun assembly that accommodates the Rubio® barrel or original kit barrel, transmission and drive shaft, all seating fixtures, ammo bins, mics, drivers controls and pedals...etc, etc, etc!
Part tolerances of ± .006"-
lets face it; GAPS belong in shopping malls, not your models!
Over a year in the making! -
Over one year spent diagramming surviving Hetzers and translating German sources. Studying the earliest Hetzers built in March of '44 to ones captured on the assembly lines in April of 1945!
Engineered and built by a professional model maker with years of professional experience.
Produced with the state-of-the-art equipment to give you the best model replica possible

Pricing and Availability

"The Agitator" is set for release in September or October of 1998, and can be shipped which ever way is most convenient for our customers. S&H is extra but we are fully researching the most expedient and inexpensive for you! The price hasn't been set yet, but please don't worry, this is not going to be one of those $60 dollar interior kits that still needs 60 hours of work! We are modelers ourselves and plan to make our kits very affordable and well worth your hard earned dollar! We promise!

Future Releases:

1/35 Tiger Elephant engine 1/35 German AFV radio sets
1/35 Hetzer detail set Affordable German WWII artillery pieces
1/35 Panzer IV interior 1/35 T-34/85 interior
1/35 Jagdpanzer IV interior 1/35 Sci-Fi accessories (to compliment SF3D®)
1/35 StuG IV interior Pressed fender sets
1/35 StuG IV detail set 1/35 E-10 model

There are several ways to get in touch of us:

Regular Mail:
Basteln Haus
P.O. Box 121
Elk Grove Village, IL., USA

E-Mail: or

We apologize for the lack of a phone number, but there is a major phone monopoly in Chicago and we are patiently waiting for a new business number from an outside carrier. It could be as long as Sept. 15, 1998, before we are issued a phone number but it keeps our business expenses down and then we can pass those savings on to you! Thanks and remember, you can always e-mail us for free!