March 21, 2018

Due to inclement weather forecast, the Luau at Sky Deck has been postponed until Thursday, March 29nd (weather permitting, keep checking here, weather is very changeable right now ). Come dressed to the nines, or, The Ides of March will be upon you.

Larry Foster

another fun day at Heavenly. It was good seeing some friends that we have not seen in awhile..

Lots of pictures at Sky Deck because it is too difficult to get people to slow down while skiing to get a picture.

Woke this morning to some sunshine and a perfect day to get the snow berm from the snow plow shoveled and clean up the driveway.

A very nice celebration of Ron Hausch's birthday. Nice turn out, fun people.

Fun day of skiing Monday after all the new fresh snow. Joined at the deck for lunch by Judy, Holly and Debbie.

Advanced Round A Bout is open and the moguls on West Bowl are shaping up nicely.

Birthdays March 2018

A nice Thursday at Heavenly. Pretty weather, good friends, fun picnic.

Many Thanks to Jim Rix for hosting another great Super Bowl Party at his lovely Keys home..

Nice turnout and everyone had a nice time except for the few Patriot fans there.

Guess who won the Super Bowl Pool?

A fun get together of new and old friends: newcomers to the area, winter visitors, locals, nice age mix, impressive variety of great food and drinks, no wind, mild temps, much laughter.

Appears that there were 49 + attendees at the event.

Last guest to arrive? The moon which rose unseen in the clouds above Kingsbury Grade but finally let his (her?) presence be known about an hour after expected.

Stay tuned for a summer redux of the same party.

Photos by Barbara Churchill and Sue Aronson (winter local from Kona).

Extra thanks to Larry Foster for providing the fire pit and Coleman lantern so everyone could see all the food.

A few friends stopped by the Odenhof for a little Apres' Ski drink or two. Always fun when good friend stop by.

There was a nice turn out at Nepheles for the Annual TGTG ( Thank God They're Gone) party

New Years Eve at John an Svetlana's beautiful home. A really fun evening. Thank you John and Lana.

Fun Day at Street Vibrations in Virginia City. Ran into our old friend John Dingman.

Weather was great, girls were up to their usual biker babe activities. Crowds were as big as we have ever seen at Street Vibrations.

We missed running into all the usual gang. probably lost somewhere in the crowds

Bob and Svea's Annual Beer Fest Party was full of adventures this year.

After spending several days decorating the back yard in preparation for the fest, a major hail storm came through about an hour before the party was to begin.

The hail pretty much wrecked everything we had done in preparing the party.

We moved what we could inside and prepared for the worst

Luckily, Tahoe people are the best and 40 or so brave souls dressed up and showed up in spite of the hail and we wound up having a really great party. We are proud of our great friends and neighbors.

Back Yard, Before Hail Storm.

Larry and Carol Foster did their usual great job of putting on Carol's annual Western party.

The decorations, food, drink and fun guest were wonderful as always, Many thanks to Larry and Carol for all the hard work to host such a nice event,

Another fantastic concert at Vilkingsholm. The annual fundraiser for the Vikingsholm foundation is always an entertaining and elegant event.

Many thanks to Tom and Barbara for putting on another great TRPA event "Bring Gourmet or Go Away

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The Annual Luau at Sky Deck was very nice. The weather was nice and Sunny. A good time was had by all.

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Stan Moore did a fantastic job of building the sled run behind his house. He and Denise then invited a bunch of the usual suspects to come over and combine drinking with sledding. It was a very fun time. Thank you Stan and Denise.

Also many thanks to Bill Tennyson for providing all the fun photographs.

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