November 20, 2017

Happy Birthday Jonee. Have a great day.

Back from Spain. Will post more pictures when I catch up. Great trip, I recommend Spain highly to anyone looking for a European vacation. Here is our condo and Svea with her siblings, Jenny, Helmar and Ivar.

The family reunion was the main reason for the meeting in Spain. First time the four of them had been together in many years.

The Sierra Nevada Mountains in Granada, Spain

This is how the Catholic Church celebrates Holy Week in Cartagena, Spain. Nothing what so ever to do with the KKK. Just thought is was funny.

November 2017 Birthdays

Big celebration of Martin Hollay's 97 birthday. Large turnout, proclamation from the City of South Lake Tahoe presented by the city mayor.

Easy to see that Martin is held in the highest regard by many of the citizens of Lake Tahoe,

Fun Day at Street Vibrations in Virginia City. Ran into our old friend John Dingman.

Weather was great, girls were up to their usual biker babe activities. Crowds were as big as we have ever seen at Street Vibrations.

We missed running into all the usual gang. probably lost somewhere in the crowds

Today was the dedication of Martin's Trail at Heavenly Ski Area.

It was a very nice event with nice weather, guest speakers and refreshments. We are all sure that it ment a lot to Martin and to the rest of us as well.

Bob and Svea's Annual Beer Fest Party was full of adventures this year.

After spending several days decorating the back yard in preparation for the fest, a major hail storm came through about an hour before the party was to begin.

The hail pretty much wrecked everything we had done in preparing the party.

We moved what we could inside and prepared for the worst

Luckily, Tahoe people are the best and 40 or so brave souls dressed up and showed up in spite of the hail and we wound up having a really great party. We are proud of our great friends and neighbors.

Back Yard, Before Hail Storm.

Larry and Carol Foster did their usual great job of putting on Carol's annual Western party.

The decorations, food, drink and fun guest were wonderful as always, Many thanks to Larry and Carol for all the hard work to host such a nice event,

Nice get together at Brooks Grill at Edgewood to celebrate Joan Hazlett's 40/31 birthday. Beautiful location, fun people, great time.

Another fantastic concert at Vilkingsholm. The annual fundraiser for the Vikingsholm foundation is always an entertaining and elegant event.

Many thanks to Tom and Barbara for putting on another great TRPA event "Bring Gourmet or Go Away

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The Annual Luau at Sky Deck was very nice. The weather was nice and Sunny. A good time was had by all.

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Here are some pictures of previous Luaus at Sky Deck.

Ron Hausch's 75th Birthday Party. Ron and Pip put on a very nice celebration for Ron's Special birthday.

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Stan Moore did a fantastic job of building the sled run behind his house. He and Denise then invited a bunch of the usual suspects to come over and combine drinking with sledding. It was a very fun time. Thank you Stan and Denise.

Also many thanks to Bill Tennyson for providing all the fun photographs.

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Great Academy Awards party at Ron and Pip's. They did a fantastic job of putting on a super party. Many thanks.

Fun time at Nephele's celebrating "Thank God They're Gone"

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