August 27, 2016

Time for Bob and Svea's annual beer fest party. (WEATHER PERMITTING) See flyer below for details.

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A very nice party celebrating Joan Hazlett's 30/40 birthday. Everyone had a great time,.

   August, 2016 Birthdays

Just returned from a nice visit with Don and Sandy in Crescent City, CA. Lots of fun, photos soon.

Our residence while visiting in Crescent City.

Tom McGowan would like to know if anyone knows a good optometrists here in Tahoe. If anyone has a recommendation please let me or Tom know. Thank you.

Another wonderful Vikingsholm concert at Emerald Bay. The Vikingsholm Park staff did a great job of putting on this special event.

A really nice evening at the concert on the beach last night.

Beautiful view of the sunset on the lake, great friends and good music.

Carol and Larry all dressed up for the Independence Day Parade

Larry and Carol Foster, Denise Smart and others heading through South Lake Tahoe on the annual Hwy 50 Wagon train.

The wagon train travels from South Lake Tahoe to Sacramento with numerous stops for camping, and other various events and parties.

Ski season is officially over at Heavenly. Now is time to start summer activities (if it will quit snowing).

Dennis, Holli, and RonDog arrived early and undecorated our TRPA Christmas Tree before Bob, Barbara, Larry, Stan, and Tom even arrived on the hill.

Huge thanks to that trio. The rest of us had to settle for an hour of camaraderie with our heroes in The Umbrella Bar.

A nice wind down to a good season.

Tom and Barbara picked a perfect day for the "Bring Gourmet or Go Away" party.

The weather was warm and sunny. The staff at Stein's were all very helpful..

It was one of the best BGOGA parties in years.


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Larry and Carol picked a perfect day for the 24th Annual Luau at Sky Deck.

The weather was beautiful, there was a big turnout and lots of people brought great stuff to eat and drink.

A great Day at Heavenly Ski Area. Beautiful weather, lots of friends having a power picnic in honor of Saint Patrick's Day..

A fun evening of friendship and music at Stan and Denise's house.

Lots of songs from the famous musical production "Greatest Hits by the Greatest Artist, Sort Of.

Very nice Oscar Awards party at Pip and Ron's house. They did a great job of hosting the event. Thanks Ron and Pip.

Many thanks to Bill and Judy Tennyson for hosting a great Super Bowl Party.

It was nice to See Peyton Manning and the Broncos come out on top

Here are a few photos from last nights event.

Tuesday night the TRPA gang held their annual Thank God The're Gone party at the Heavenly California Bar followed by the entire party moving to Nephele's Bar. Great time as always.

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Fun evening at Doug and Joanie's house. Thanks for hosting a very nice time..

Lots of fun getting together at Heavenly for the annual TRPA ChristmasTree Decorating event.

Halloween at the Odenhof. Lots of fun. .

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Brother Joe and I went to Street Vibrations in Virginia City. Lots of fun as usual. Sorry Cat, Jerry, Larry, Carol , Stan and Denise were not there.

You meet the most interesting people at Street Vibrations. A very nice lady, lots of fun to visit with. Very likeable.

The 2015 Beer Fest was really nice, great weather, lots of fun people and more than enough to eat and drink.

61 people showed up for the party. Lots of great festive outfits. Many thanks to all the people who brought stuff to share.

Now its time to start thinking about the Halloween Party

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Carol and Larry's Annual Western party was great as always.

There were lots people, great western outfits, food, drink and even a cowboy melodrama performance .

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Mardi Gras party was very nice, Not as many people there as were expected, but a good time was had by everyone.

Many thanks to Jim Rix for providing has home for the party and to Jim, Svea, Judy and Ron for helping decorate before and undecorate following the party .

Great job by everyone.

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December Ladies Day Luncheon and Svea's birthday. Thanks Janie Fagen. Cat Trimm and Karis Holman for all the work.

The Halloween Party was great, lots of people in great costumes.

We want to thank all the people who showed up, everyone was in the right spirit for a great party

Thanks to Stan Moore and Ann Leach for providing extra photos, it will take awhile to get them all posted.

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Great motorcycle ride . Stan and Denise Moore, Randy and Karrie Graham, Joe Oden, Svea and I rode three of the major Sierra mountain passes, Monitor Pass, Sonora Pass, and Ebbetts Pass.

This was nearly 300 miles of some of the most beautiful scenery in the Western US.