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Lda Kut Naax Sati' Yatx'i
All Nation's Children Dancers

Maddy July 2000


Welcome to the Lda Kut Naax Sati' Yatx'i (All Nation's Children) home page. This is a new page which will be worked on weekly until it is the best page you have ever seen, so keep coming back!

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Thank you (English) Quyana (Central Yup'ik)  Gunalche'esh (Tlingit) Way Dankoo (Tsimshian)
 Igamsiqanaghhalek (Siberian Yupik) Ha'w'aa (Haida) 'Awa'ahdah (Eyak)  Quyanaa (Alutiiq)
Quyanaq (Inupiaq) Qagaasakung (Aleut)   Chin'an (Tanaina Athabaskan) Maasee' (Tanana Athabaskan)
 Mahsi' (Gwitch'in and Han Athabaskan)
Tsen'ii (Upper Tanana Athabascan)
Ana-ba-see (Koyukon Athabaskan) Tsin'aen (Ahtna Athabaskan)