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ALIEN 3 for Super Nintendo Cheats & Codes


Level 2 - QUESTION
Level 3 - MASTERED
Level 4 - MOTORWAY
Level 5 - CABINETS
Level 6 - SQUIRREL


1. Start a new game. Hit A, B, X, and Y on Controller 2.
2. Then on Cont. 1, press A and a number should appear in the corner of the screen.
3. Re-enter the code on Controller 2, and then hit B and X to increase the number.

The number corresponds to the following cheats

   1 - Invincible
   2 - God Mode
   3 - Invincible
   4 - Unlimited Weapons
   5 - Unlimited Weapons AND Invincible
   6 - Unlimited Weapons AND God Mode

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