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Last Updated July 18/01
Just an update look
Expect some new big things from underdog!!

See My old Daytona in Crankin!!!
Check it out in Auto Sound & Security

The 12 Volt Rage Continues..

Hey Everybody... Welcome to Underdog.
A brief history...I was bit by the Car audio Bug a few years ago when I started competing.
Based on mutual interest I have been joined by a few friends and we started Underdog Installs.
We are a competition group, of which I am the head of, together we help eachother out on Installs, setup for shows, and got alot of exposure hosting our own events with StereoTypes...also a Car Audio club from Regina.

I have an open door policy, If you are even close to my area and want help or have any questions regarding Car Audio Competition, or Installation I will do my Absolute best to help you out!
I work in the mobile electronics industry and can't get enough of this obsession!.
I am always looking for new members for Underdog, so if you think you may be interested please drop me an Email,
Even if you don't have a system, I'd be glad to help you out.
On this site are featured installs of our Team members from past installs to current. due to the fact Car Audio is a never ending and sometimes expensive obsession most members installs are not done..
but the few that are here Im sure you'll enjoy! Choose one of the other links below to go anywhere else on the site..
Have fun and turn it up !!!..

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SPL Reads decibels

well the damn thing read 11400 before it decided to reset.

ALRIGHT here's the deal, All of you come here and only a few people sign the book.
Do me a favor if you hate it let me know, If you love it let me know,
that way I can improve this site FOR EVERYBODY!.

So let me know what you think of my page, or if you have a similar car or stereo...Thanks

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