Background of the CCS project:

An unofficial and semi-continuous project started in 1980 at Millersville University, PA, and involving:

----The World Wide Web...into which most elegant and worldwide filing system we deposited not only our own excess 'stuff', in the form of our Caribbean Coastal Studies homepage, but to which we also linked - with the help of our students - the many useful documents already available on the WWW as well as numerous 'gray literature' documents and newspaper articles, photographs and maps which we assiduously scanned..
- We then followed a suggestion by Dr.Gillian Cambers to actually visit the Caribbean and talk with the experts in person (not a bad idea since our deans failed to support our fieldcourses)
The first visit was March 11-15, 1996, to Jamaica, followed by the second, May 23 - June 6, to Dominica and Barbados with side-trips to Guadeloupe and St.Lucia. Other visits will follow, d.v.
Stay tuned for more of our narratives of adventures and scans of useful materials.
Happy surfing !!

We thank you for reading this and invite your comments and active participation. New contacts and links, as well as contributions of reports, reprints, tables and graphs suitable for inclusion are very welcome and may be transmitted to :

first version: October 1995; second version: April 2, 1996: third version: July 15, 1996; reorganized: January 13, 1999; BLO

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