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* Abbreviations and Acronyms of International Organizations and Groups

* American Airlines

*Atlantis Submarine selection page

*CANTO = Caribbean Association of National Telecommunications Organisations

Caribbean Banana Exporters Association

* Caribbean Conservation Association

* Caribbean Development Bank

*Caribbean Development Bank...How to Pursue Opportunities at the Caribbean Development Bank

* Caribbean Disaster Emergency Response Agency (CDERA)

* Caribbean Disaster Mitigation Project, Selection Page

* Caribbean Latin American Action

* Caribe Net


..........Coastal Ecosystem Productivity Network

..........Caribbean Disaster Emergency Response Agency, Barbados

* Central Intelligence Agency (CIA)
* Central Intelligence Agency, The World FactBook 1995

* Clean Islands International, Inc.

* The Commonwealth of Learning, Caribbean Region

* Coastal Zone Management Unit, Barbados , Selection Page

* The Coral Reef Alliance

* Delta Air Lines

* Disaster Coordinators, Caribbean (PAHO, through Nov. 1995)

* EC.InfoNet

* Earth Island


*></a> ENCORE (Dominica, 
  <a href=><img border=5 
src= align=middle alt= Environmental Servers

* Environment Tobago

* European Union -African-Caribbean-Pacific nations (Lome Convention) ..............The finest and most complete instrument of cooperation ever

* European Union; Lome

* Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO)

* Federal Emergency Management Authority

* Global Environmental Facility (GEF)

...Glover's Reef Marine Research Station
..........Wildlife Conservation Society, Belize

*...Hofstra University (HUML-JAMAICA) - [26 KB]

* IOC, International Oceanographic Commission (UNESCO)

* IUCN (The World Conservation Union)

* Institute of Caribbean Studies

* Institute of Marine Affairs, Chaguaramas, Trinidad
* Register of Consultants

* Inter-American Development Bank

* Inter-American Development Bank
..........Marine-related projects funded by the IADB

* International Coral Reef Initiative

* International Organizations and Groups: List of abbreviations (acronyms)

* Joint Oceanographic Institutions

* National Ocean Services, NOAA

* National Estuary Program, EPA (incl.P.R.)

* National Geophysical Data Center, NOAA, USA

* National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA)

*National Oceanic Data Center, NODC/NOAA

* Natural Resources Conservation Authority (NRCA), Jamaica, Selection Page

* Organization of American States - Selection Page

* ORCA's Internet Information Service, NOAA

* List of International Organizations involved in Recycling

*...SEI Objectives, History and Accomplishments

* St.Lucia National Development Corporation

* St.Lucia Netizens

* Statistical Institute of Jamaica

* Swedish International Development Agency (SIDA)

* Technical Cooperation Among Developing Countries (Special Unit, UNDP)

* United Nations Development Programme
* UNDP - Environment Related Information

* United Nations: Electronic Sources

* United Nations Environment Programme - Magazine: "Our Planet"

* United Nations Environment Programme

* United Nations Environment Programme, our own pages

* United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) Web Services

* UNEP Regional Seas (including Caribbean Action Plan)

* UNEP Regional Office for North America
..........E-mail Senior Information Officer =
* UNESCO's Coastal Regions and Small Islands program

* United Nations Global Conference on Sustainable Development of Small Island States (SIDS)

* U.S. Geological Survey, Puerto Rico

* University of Puerto Rico - Sea Grant Program

* University of the Virgin Islands

* University of the West Indies, Mona, Jamaica

* The World Bank
* Latin America and Caribbean Technical Department
* "Managing the Green Wealth", The World Bank/World Wildlife Federation, October 1995

* World Conservation Monitoring Centre

* The World Conservation Union (IUCN)

* World Wildlife Federation

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