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* tar pollution of Trinidad & Tobago beaches, 1980/1982
* 1980/2 photographs of T & T beaches and coasts

Please refer to 1991 article by: Diane Bertrand, Charmaine O'Brien-Delpesch, Lloyd Gerald & Hayden Romano: "Coastlines of Trinidad and Tobago - A Coastal Stability Perspective." in: Cambers, Gillian (editor) Coastlines of the Caribbean, p.1-16 (which also contains several other useful references)

* please see reference to article by Georges, 1983 re beach-mining
* status of the T & T beaches and coasts, 1992
* Tobago beaches

Coral Reefs

* Coral reefs
* please see reference to Roberts, 1993
* for references on article about Coral Reefs in S.W. Tobago, please see 
     Laydoo, Richard & Griffith, J.K., 1995 Buccoo Reef, Tobago
* Man-of-War Bay, Tobago (see: A Preliminary Survey of the Coral Reefs 
     in Man-O-War Bay, Tobago, by Doon Ramsaroop, IMA, 1977, 21pp.) 
     Tyrrell Bay, Tobago Arnos Vale, Tobago

Environmental Education

* excerpt of letter from Dr. Joyce Glasgow
-For additional information, please contact :
---Mr Alan Duncan, Institute of Marine Affairs, Chaguaramas


* Title page of the Proceedings of the 
            First Conference on Natural Hazards, 
            St.Anns, Trinidad, Oct.11/15, 1993,
            William B. Ambeh, convenor
* Cover of "Caribbean Geology, An Introduction" 
            edited by Stephen K. Donovan and Trevor A. Jackson
* Table of Contents of "Caribbean Geology, An Introduction"
            edited by Stephen K. Donovan and Trevor A. Jackson
            Ch.11 TOBAGO by Trevor A. Jackson and Stephen K.Donovan,
            p.193/207,  including 36 references
* Geologic Map of Tobago (after Maxwell)

* Geologic Map of Tobago (Snoke, Rowe, Yule & Wadge)
* Simplified Geologic Map of S.W. Tobago (after Donovan etc.)
     Ch.12 TRINIDAD by Stephen K. Donovan, p.209/228, incl.85 references
* Simplified Geologic Map of Trinidad (after Barr & Saunders)

* for references on articles about Caroni Swamp, please see
     (1) Bildstein, Keith L., 1990 Scarlet Ibis    
     (2) Holenbrock, Robert H., 1994
* map of Caroni Swamp National Park, Trinidad

* airphotograph of Caroni Swamp, Trinidad, 1982
* 1992 case study by Cambers regarding Point Lisas, the industrial port 
     development area south of Caroni Swamp - also along the west coast of 
     Trinidad on the Gulf of Paria
* please see reference to Ogden & Gladfelter (editors)



* Text of Oostdam's paper about coastal erosion at Columbus Bay
* Great Courland Bay, Tobago: generalized preliminary bathymetric survey,
     Oct.1980 (Oostdam/IMA/UNDP)
* Barbados Bay, Tobago: generalized preliminary bathymetric survey, 
     Nov.1980 (Oostdam/IMA/UNDP)
* Summary of Wave Conditions, Tobago Bays, 1980-1981, (Oostdam/IMA/UNDP)

* please see references to separate articles by 
      (1) Agard,
      (2) Hall &
      (3) Singh
* please see reference to Rodriguez, 1981

Protected Areas, coastal and marine
* please see reference to worldwide Marine Protected Areas catalog by 
     The World Bank,The Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority, and 
     The World Conservation Union. (Stanley, 1995)

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