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Batman Beyond and Beyond Index:

Sunday, November 16, 2003 -- FINISHED!!! Go to Fanfiction of Others!! New stuff, and a new page for the first archive of stories--Batman Beyond! Also, two new stories from me!

UPDATE (following above): *flips her freaking lid* I have more pending stories from Jillybean and Hannah Wald... *BUT* I just got permission to post another one of my favorite Batman fanfic writer's stories! And that simply cannot wait for me to get onto my laptop to work my page!!!
You Gave Me Wings by Syl Francis. I WARN you--you will cry!!

*goes off to scream and freak out*

Sunday, October 19th, 2003 -- No real updates yet. I'm working on it though!! Right now, I'm currently accepting any art donations... preferrably on-subject to this site, or of a particular fandom, but anything is good too! Art displays are fun. I'm currently working on 4 different stories (eeek!). 2 comic book based, 1 Batman Beyond, and 1 cartoon (as in original Batman cartoon/JL time) based. I'm also currently looking for people who want their stories displayed here. Hee. If you're interested, contact me, m'kay? Byyyye!

Monday, August 11th, 2003 -- A sweet, sweet girl has made this layout for me... she so kicks arse. The link to her major-cool page is going to be at the bottom of this, forever and always now!

Saturday, August 9th, 2003 -- While I'm sure this will not be the day my new working domain name comes into play, this is the second day (morning, I've been working through the night on this) I'll be working on the new design of my website. I went from simplistic to graphic overload, to what I'm hoping will be the acceptable middle road for us all. Pretty, yet not over powering graphics for dial up connections, and evilly slow broadbands and DSLs.

Later on the 9th -- Dingdingding, it's up and running! Sorta! Kinda! We have pages, at least!


Go to the page of the girl who started this layout here!!!