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We will utilize two charts to analyze the impact of this event, one cast for Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) and one for the Great Pyramid at Giza. Greenwich Mean Time might immediately make sense, as it is the agreed-upon timing meridian in the modern world. Giza, however, was considered the Eben Shettiyah, which means "Rock of Salvation," or "Foundation Stone" of the Earth in the ancient world. It was understood to be the connecting mechanism that weaves the Earth’s energies with principle positive influences of the Pleiades, Orion and Sirius. It was also engineered to be resonantly attuned to the Precessional cycle, so it transduces and synchronizes "long wave" solar, galactic and universal cycles. Thus, as the Rock of Salvation, it maintains our connection with "the gods." Today we know that it sits in the "middle of the Earth," the mid-point around which all the world’s landmass is oriented. Our recent re-discovery of the planetary grid, the etheric energy network through which Gaia processes all her sentient processes, also points to the importance of the Great Pyramid. Giza sits directly on a major nodal point on the planetary grid, serving as the central processing unit (CPU) for the entire grid that encircles the Earth. So Giza, from the standpoint of the living sentient being, Gaia (of which we are a sub-aspect), is the most appropriate orientation point. Greenwich time, is really an arbitrary, somewhat artificial construct that relates to economic and political considerations. It seems very reasonable then, to consider the chart cast for Giza to be indicative of what is happening for the collective human soul as part of Gaia’s soul, and the Greenwich Chart to be that of social or mass conscious humanity, the collective separate ego-personality. We will focus primarily on the Giza orientation for Gaia and that of collective human soul. We will refer to the Greenwich chart as appropriate to understand some of the important issues for the mass consciousness.

The cornerstone of the chart is the solar eclipse, long considered to be a very significant, often malefic aspect in older astrology schools. What is an eclipse? During a solar eclipse, the sun, representing the solar principle, is eclipsed or blocked by the moon or feminine principle. The metaphor is obvious, especially if you were an ancient king. Your presence, power and will were going to be challenged and diminished in some respect. This is probably the reason they were considered negative or malefic. In Chinese medicine, it is understood that the feminine energy purifies and balances the masculine energy and vice versa. So a full solar eclipse means the masculine energy is about to go through challenges which will result in purification. This is also an omen that the shadow aspects of the masculine are about to come to the forefront for purifying and balancing. The excesses of mind, will, and material orientation result in domination, aggression, control, and abuse of the feminine (Earth)—all of which are fairly obvious these days, to the degree that they are destroying the planet. The theme of balancing and purifying an excess of the solar principle is further reinforced by the fact that the eclipse occurs in Leo, the sign that is ruled by the Sun, and it occurs in the midheaven, the time of day when the sun is at its zenith. The moon’s nodes, which (as we will discuss later) are indicative of the underlying karmic themes, are also in Leo and Aquarius, orienting near the midheaven (Father/solar) and nadir (Mother/lunar).

The Gematria, which are an ancient number series representing the names and numbers of God, shed more light on the issue of the unbalanced solar principle. They also help us tie the eclipse into biblical themes related to the karmic issues being resolved as we approach the end of this grand cycle. John Michel summarizes it all very succinctly: "As 1080 is to the moon and the realm of imagination and mystery, so is 666 to the energy of the sun and the principle of reason, will and authority. It represents the positively-charged nucleus of the atom, the might and glory of the emperor and the intellect in the mind of the philosopher. 666 is the generative power of the male, the call to action, the electric impulse which regulates the molecular field and gives form and order to chaos. It is the active, inventive, fertilizing current in nature, the material as opposed to the spiritual side of things… 666 represents the principle of authority, irrespective of whether it be exercised by a wise ruler or a cruel tyrant."