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[Chrysalis Foundation]

For thousands of years, since the decline of the matristic cultures, the patristic ("God the Father in Heaven") cultures have dominated planetary culture. As a result, the solar principle has been dominant in all the masculine-based hierarchical systems, such as the kings of yesterday, and the premiers, corporate and governmental presidents, and bishops of today.

The solar principle as symbolized by the Gematria 666 is not inherently negative, but becomes so when imbalanced, as John Michel explains: "There is nothing inherently beastly or evil about the number, 666, although, like all symbolic numbers and the tendencies they symbolize, it displays extreme and unmanageable qualities if it is not united with its opposite. Without the mitigating influence of 1080 (yin, lunar, feminine), the power of 666 is that of the sun which, were it not for the protective atmosphere, would burn up the Earth, or of the tyrant who rules for his own glory without consideration for the people, or of the rational principle where it entirely controls the mind and produces arrogance, self-delusion and madness. The Beast in Revelation signifies the total dominance of the number 666… .666 (in excess, unbalanced) is totalitarian rule and the worship of material products, leading to destruction by fire."

The imbalance of the solar principle of 666 is at the core of the majority of our problems on the planet today. The Great Mother has been forgotten—the goddess stripped of her power and made a disembodied, wispy supporter of male gods—and her vital, fertile, life-imbuing aspects have been demonized and relegated to the shadow world of the collective unconscious. The balancing, nurturing, life-sustaining yin force of the Goddess is barely alive. The solar, yang, male principles of reason, will and authority, through excess, have become domination, aggression, arrogance, self-delusion and madness. The Antichristic principle or force, then, is simply the solar principle out of control, unbridled by the feminine. The solar eclipse grand cross may bring this issue to the forefront. We but need to briefly look at Kosovo, Iraq, the desecration of the environment, corrupt self-serving political and religious leaders, and many others manifestations of the imbalance of the solar principle to see that this issue is "up." As the feminine eclipses the solar principle on August 11, the shadow of this may rise to the surface, magnified profoundly by the convergence of the numerous cycles, so that we might all look at this and make other choices.