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[Chrysalis Foundation]

The eclipse manifests in conjunction with a fixed grand cross, as we mentioned above. This powerful dynamic is the foundation of the chart. To better understand how we will experience the dynamics of the grand cross, we need to look at the signs, houses, planets and their aspects which form it, as well as the others in the chart which complete the entire energy dynamic that the chart represents.

In the personality-centered chart calculated to Greenwich Mean Time, we find the grand cross in the 10th, 4th, 7th and 1st houses, which are all the action and manifestation compartments of the chart. The first house is the outward movement of the personality itself; the 4th is representative of mothering, the feminine force or Great Mother, the institution of the home, and the family; the 7th is that of relationship, or self-other interchange; and the 10th is of the masculine, father, or Father or in Heaven, or oneís position in the world, represented by career and institutions of power. The theme of the excessive dominance of the masculine, solar principle is reflected here again. In the collective or mass consciousness chart, the sun in Leo is in the 10th house of government, big business, and all institutions of power in general. Interestingly Bill Clinton is also a Leo. In the last year, his use and abuse of the feminine has been in the headlines, and he has directed more bombing against a mirror of male excess, first with Saddam Hussein, and now with another, Milosevic in Yugoslavia. Quietly, embargoes of food, medical supplies and other life-sustaining supplies to Iraq have resulted in the deaths of hundreds of thousands. This is not to make Bill Clinton the arch-villain of the planet, but to see that he is outpicturing, very visibly, the very issues that we need to look at now. This is the solar principle in the 10th house running wild, and itís not just happening in the White House; itís happening in most homes around the planet to one degree or another. Just yesterday I received a phone call from a friend who was crying hysterically because of the depth of her fear and pain. She is pregnant with her third child, her other two children being small. Her emotionally ill and disabled husband is becoming abusive and threatening violence. They are living with her father because of financial problems, and he is telling her that he cannot feed another mouth and that they will have to leave. More disconnected male energy. Where are the soul and the honoring of life?

As the eclipse occurs, this dynamic will be greatly magnified, creating the events and circumstances which will require us to collectively respond from the depth of our souls to resolve the imbalance. There is great hope, when we look at the soul-referenced chart for Giza. It is focused in the mutable cross of the 3rd, 6th, 9th and 12th houses, which represent the personality, and most importantly the possibility of the crucifixion of the personality or lower self on the "fixed cross," so that a connection with the soul may be born. As we shall see, this is the promising possibility that is echoed again and again by this powerful crisis with enormous opportunity.