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The Time Spiral reached its next milestone in late 1945, the first date in the list that really impacted me. I remembered reading in one of the books received from Ascended Master Hilarion by Maurice B. Cook that 1945 was a pivotal date. According to Hilarion, when we exploded the atomic bomb, we transcended third-dimensional laws. The law of conservation of mass—a premise of Newtonian physics, which is based in a material universe—does not allow for matter to directly become energy. When the bomb exploded, an ounce or so of uranium phase-shifted from matter into pure energy and light. As third-dimensional matter translated into fourth-dimensional light, the third-dimensional membrane surrounding the Earth was breached. Immediately, a higher-dimensional bleed through began.

While our misuse of fourth-dimensional physics created considerable karma, supreme intelligence, as usual, immediately turned our own undoing into our awakening. Just after the bombs were dropped over Japan, in August of 1945, extraterrestrial spacecraft began to appear to significant numbers of Earthlings. Interstellar travel requires the transcendence of third-dimensional laws, since the distances traversed are so vast. Eyewitness reports confirm that spacecraft travel at super-luminal speeds in the fourth or higher dimensions, and may also be "time-traveling." In any case, in 1945 the process of opening to the higher dimensions significantly accelerated, as we began to spiral quickly into domains in which the third and fourth dimensions co-mingle. We were now in the field of the Omega-Alpha event.

As we discovered the power at the core of the atom, we began to entrain to the fourth-dimensional frequency. As a result, during the next 21 years tremendous amounts of higher-dimensional light poured into the planetary energy field. This spurred unprecedented technological and scientific expansion, as the "information age" led to the birth of the "Global Mind" with the development of the first digital computers.