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When I began to spiritually awaken more than 20 years ago, the first major awareness I received was that I had come to this planet to assist in a process of death and rebirth, which would result in a new epoch of higher consciousness and the birth of a new human species. Over time, I realized that one aspect of my soul purpose is to understand and communicate information about this momentous shift. Along the way, I have read, researched, and received through insight/intuition a considerable amount of material. I am especially interested in anything related to the structure and function of the universe. The ancient axiom, "As above, so below," seemed to be pointing me toward investigating the cosmic structures that were orchestrating the evolutionary shift.

A few years ago, as I was considering the acceleration in my personal evolutionary process and wondering where it was going, an inner voice said, "Look at the phi ratio as the means for this unfoldment." In the next moment, I heard the phrase, " Harmonic Convergence and the Time Shift." I knew that the phi ratio is a mathematical constant. I was also familiar with the two events mentioned, both of which were widely publicized by Jose Arguelles as important turning-points in the Mayan Calendar. Harmonic Convergence had occurred on August 16, 1987, followed by the Time Shift on July 26, 1992.

Considering this information, it occurred to me that the time interval between these two events was a key to understanding. I calculated the interval and found that it was almost exactly 5 years (4 years, 11 months, 11 days, or 4.945 years). This was interesting: 5 appears near the beginning of the Fibonacci number series, which is the integer (whole number) expression of a phi ratio progression.

Using the phi ratio, 1.61803/1, I began to calculate backward and forward in time from the nearly five-year baseline interval between Harmonic Convergence and the Time Shift. As I did so, a fascinating picture unfolded. Looking back, a spiraling curve demarcated a series of dates that coincided with many major evolutionary events in humanityís recent history. And going forward, the curve steeply ascended as cycles shortened to a matter of hours, minutes, and then seconds!

As I have considered this discovery over time, Iíve become convinced that we are passing through an interdimensional transition based on a phi ratio spiral. The spiral is not measurable or observable to us at a physical level, because it is an implicate structure existing at a hyper-dimensional level. We are able to experience it, though, through our changing relationship with time, and the accelerating rate of our evolution.

The phi ratio, a sacred geometric constant, is the causal geometry behind many unfolding life patterns throughout the universe. It also appears to be forming our collective experience of spiraling beyond our third-dimensional experience into a fourth- (time) and fifth- (non-physical) dimensional reality.

The structures of creation are inextricably related to their various functions. The structure of the "Fatherís [and Motherís] house of many mansions" allows all that God is to individuate endlessly within a creation structure that is always expanding and further differentiating. The Godhead continually "exhales" individual soul aspects out into material reality. As they complete their experience within the density of form, they then slowly, over aeons, journey back through all the dimensions to be reabsorbed within the infinite luminosity of Source. As we return homeward through the many dimensions, we periodically pass through interdimensional doorways with a very specific structure, based upon the universal sacred geometric principle called the phi ratio.


The phi ratio, also called the Golden Mean, can be demonstrated and understood through the division of a line. There is only one point at which a line can be divided such that there is a proportional relationship between the smaller and larger segments, and the larger segment in relation to the entire line. If a line AC is divided into AB and BC, then the only place where the line can be divided such that AB/BC=BC/AC is the point where the ratio is 1.618. If AB, for example, is 1, then BC must be 1.618.

This ratio can be used to develop a series of numbers in which each successive pair of numbers, when added, produces the next number in the series. In whole numbers, this produces the series, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34Ö , also called the Fibonacci number series. When this series of numbers is represented two-dimensionally, it produces the Golden rectangle, the basis for the phi ratio spiral.

The phi ratio is embedded throughout creation. It can be found in human anatomical proportions, musical scales, growth patterns in plants, and the design we see when we cut an apple in half. The phi ratio spiral is most obvious in a chambered nautilus shell, the whorling seed-pattern within a sunflower, and the spiraling arms of the galaxy.


The phi ratio demonstrates the inclusiveness with which God/One/Source thinks and functions. The continuous unfoldment of a series of lines, rectangles, or spirals based on this ratio always builds on and includes what has come before. The previous segments, when combined, produce the next, in perfect proportion. All previous structures are enfolded within the next, in the endless unfurling of the whole. The phi ratio spiral demonstrates the perfect unfolding symmetry of life, as it emerges from a point and proceeds through expanding cycles of growth, and then, from the zenith of maximum growth and unfoldment, spirals down again into a point.


The Time Spiral governs the timing of the mega-evolutionary event in which we are all participating, consciously or unconsciously. It winds through third-dimensional time to the "end of time," the Omega-Alpha point. Just as the phi ratio spiral creates shells, human bodies, and galaxies, it is also structuring the enormous evolutionary changes that accompany the shift from the third to the fourth and fifth dimensions. We are now experiencing a tightening spiral of accelerated completion of all that we have known. This "dissolution spiral" or "dark spiral" is carrying us to the still point, the moment when a freshly unwinding spiral births the new epoch. Like the arms of "dark light" and matter winding into the center of the galactic core, we are spiraling toward the completion of Omega point. Then, like countless stars unfurling from the galactic core, the "New Heaven, New Earth" will begin to unfold from Alpha point.


On July 26, 2000, the Time Spiral winds down to the still point, when the imploding spiral ends 3-D, and the exploding spiral carries us into 4- and 5-D. Gregg Braden has termed this the Zero Point, while J. J. Hurtak refers to it as the Null Zone. In this timeless moment, the ever present dual spirals of creation cease to exist, creating the possibility of a momentary collapse the Earthís magnetic field and even of the holographic field which manifests the physical Earth. There are many speculations about these possibilities, and no one knows exactly what will happen until we go through the experience. Most certainly, though, Omega-Alpha will be like a gigantic "reboot" in the great cosmic computer, as all that has been is momentarily wiped off the screen and a new reality hologram emerges. More on this laterÖ