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7.October 1999 - Panel discussion
Notes on Saturday afternoon program, Class of '69 reunion, May 22, 1999
7.October 1999 - Update problems
I apologize for a break in updating the webpage and  I promise to bring new updates more frequently. At the same time I ask you to send me your suggestions on what you would like to see on the webpage. Send them to webmaster - Jan Smidek.
1.June 1999 - Photos from reunion
The pictures from Class 1969 reunion are to be published soon so keep on checking the webpage for updates.
19.April 1999 - Name corrections
I'm sorry for all the misspellings of your names, I just wanted to know if you pay attention.  :-)  Thanks for letting me know that I made couple mistakes.
14.April 1999 - After Suffrage
An insight view of new Kristi Andersen's book After Suffrage.
22.March 1999 - Smith Website
This Webpage was added to the list of other Smith Alumnae classes' websites.
22.March 1999 - Photo gallery
The new Photo Gallery section added with pictures of Lynn Slaughter's dance concert.
Email corrections
Sandy Lillydahl:
Lisa Henderson Rosenbloom:
Now you can contribute with your ideas and suggestions to our online discussion.

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