Dushka Todorova

Special selection of children songs

She is one of the most famous Bulgarian composers of children's music. She has written a number of songs, plays, and musicals for children. She has composed music for a beautiful children's poem "Peter's heart" using a text by the great Bulgarian poetess Dora GABE.

Her songs are sung with greate pleasure by children because they express the vivid images of the composer.
Children of all ages immediately like and remember Dushka Todorova's songs such as:

"Cherries""Son's Presents",  Blueberries""The Sparrow With Boots" and so on and so fort...

It is owe of the line intonation that is very warm, tender and cleanly.
"Getcho & Detcho" - is a musical play told in a very childish mood that tells about two bear cubs who often steal honey.
You will understand what happens to them when you hear their story on the CD "Children Songs and Getcho & Detcho's Story"

The story of "Getcho and Detcho" was written by the talented Bulgarian poet -Tono Lazarov.

  N E W - C D !         Getcho and Detcho


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The CD "Children songs and Getcho & Detcho Story" is specially recorded for your children to hear original Bulgarian children's music and to sing along with it.

The following VIDEO samples are from Dushka Todorova's musical stories and TV productions "Forest Meeting", "One Little Rabbit" and from her first children's operetta "Veseliayat Tramvay" (The Jolly Tram). 

One Little Rabbit Delvan - The Forest Scarecrow Forest Meeting


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Vrabcho s botushi


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For more info send mail to: D TODOROVA 

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