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Excerpt from CRC home page:

CARPENTERS LOCAL 781, The Princeton Local is looking forward to another year with a strong work outlook. We have 750,000 square feet of new office space under construction and another 550,000-sq. ft. scheduled to begin this summer. With 500,000 square feet of new office space recently completed, it is great to see that there is still a big demand for new office space. Besides the office space work, we still have 200,000-sq. ft. of retail space that is almost 50% complete.

Princeton University is beginning to gear up for extensive summer renovations. A major renovation of Blair Hall, Little Hall and Palmer Hall will begin in the end of June. The University is also undergoing the construction of a new student center and a new science building with a combined cost of about 70 million dollars. One of the more complex jobs the Univ. is currently undergoing is the renovation of the Cleveland Towers. The project began with the construction of a scaffold that will enable the workers to reach the top ofthel80 foot high tower. The scaffold, which will be used to repair the stone work,(see photograph, not available) was built with carpenters from the Capitol Regional Council working for Safeway Scaffolding. Mathews Construction of Princeton built the Cleveland Towers in 1911 as a memorial to President Grover Cleveland. President Cleveland after serving as President of the United States became President of the Trustees of the Graduate College of Princeton University. When President William Howard Taft dedicated the building in 1913, he said the building is a tower of strength and beauty and an expression of his character." All the pinnacles will all be replaced on the towers, as will 500 other various pieces of stone work.

The Local 781 Apprentice Committee consisting of Chairman Todd Hand, and committee members' Chris Golden and Roosevelt Powell have just conducted the annual apprentice recruitment. The committee is currently holding interviews with prospective apprentices. By the time this article is published, we hope to have a new class of eight apprentices.

Local 781 members taking advantage of the new early retirement option on January 1st 1999 were Richard Kiefer, Louis Pilato, Charles Rotolo and William Wesp. Our best wishes for a happy and healthy retirement to them all.

Please visit the Capitol Regional Council's new web site at Although it is not quite finished, we have already counted over 1200 visitors to our site. We are looking forward to building on what we already have, one thing nice about the Internet is you can constantly enhance what you have as the needs arise, without too much trouble. In fact, this newsletter can be out within an hour to thousands of people.

June '99'


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There's an interesting union carpenters network sponsered by the Pacific Northwest District Council of Carpenters at:

Here's an excerpt:

Subj: McCarron in BC BC1995jc

Date: 7/11/99 10:32:43 PM Eastern Daylight Time

From: (Carpenters Local 131)

To: (~ Network)

---------- Forwarded message ----------

Date: Sun, 11 Jul 1999 18:20:25 -0700

From: Josh Coles <>


BC Provincial Council News Release



On Wednesday, July 7,1999, at a "consultation session" with Carpenter Union

members in Port Alberni, General President McCarron answered a loud and

unequivocal No to the questions of electing officers and voting on restructuring

in British Columbia.

At the very beginning of the meeting McCarron was specifically asked the

following two questions:

1) Do the members have a right to vote on the proposed merger of their Local

Union and the creation of the Regional Council?

2) Do the members have a right to elect the founding delegates and officers of

the Regional Council?

McCarron responded, 'NO AND NO TO BOTH'.

The immediate response...the members rose in unison and left the meeting

chanting VOTE!VOTE! VOTE!

The members at the meeting said they were not going to participate in a

"consultative process" with the General President when it was predetermined that

they would loose their democratic rights. They were not prepared to lend

credibility to a process that removes their right to vote by attending McCarrons


The British Columbia Provincial Council of Carpenters supports the members

desire to not participate in this farce.

Josh Coles

Local 1995

Vancouver BC


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on postings by network members. Submissions must be accompanied by the

member's name, city, state, and local union number.

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