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Konnichi wa web surfers! If you are wondering who the web reviewer, alias Eternal Senshi, Eternal Sailor Moon is, this is the place to find out all about me. I am Dark Angel of Shimmers In The Moonlight. I love building web pages, and since I often find myself surfing Sailor Moon pages, I thought that I'd like to critique them myself. By doing this, I don't intend to bash pages, or put anyone down. I know all webmasters work hard on their pages, but some just need a little help to get the hang of it. This page can be used as help, reassurance, or a wake up call, depending on what I have to say about your page. On this page, "The Reviewer," I want to tell you the things I like, and dislike about Sailor Moon Pages. Or in other words, my Pet Peeves. This page includes all the things I look for in a good page, and all the things that drag bad pages through the mud! Also, keep in mind that these are my opinions, not the definition of a good or bad page. There can be exceptions to every rule, it depends on the circumstances. Anyway, on with the list! (These items are listed in no particular order.)

Pet Peeves

-Lack of Organization: This is very important! If someone is viewing your site and they can't find their way around, don't expect them to come back. I often find myself clicking on a link that's like a dead end. A simple "Back" or "Home" button will do the trick.

-Lack Of Original Content: All of the good sites I visit frequently have great information that is updated frequently. If your site doesn't expand beyond the basics, there won't be anything worth coming to your site to see if they can see it anywhere! I often find sites with all the same general stuff: Profiles, Galleries, Links, etc. You know what I'm talking about! You can still include those sections, but maybe spice them up a bit. The size of your imagination is your only restriction! Just remember to keep your info accurate (unless you're writing FanFics...)

-Attack Of The Blaring Midi! I absolutely hate it when I go to a site, only to find a loud Midi file playing that I can't even turn off! There are things you can do about that. #1) Don't use background music! Embed the Midi file in your code so that it can be stopped! and #2) I would also recommend setting the volume to a low voltage, like at least 50%.

-Java-Script Abuse: Yes Java Scripts can be very neat, but I have found that many people are abusing them! My most hated of all Java Scripts are Pop-Ups, and the things asking for your name. Java-script pop-ups should only be used to warn others of potentially offensive content, not just to say "Welcome To My Page!" Please, for the sanity of us frustrated web surfers, don't abuse Java-script! I would also like to comment that you should make a note on a "Door" page that you use Java Script. This way you can warn people with older/ Java-script disabled browsers will know they shouldn't view your site.

-Mixing DiC with BSSM: Please don't do this! It is fine t have a page based on DiC characters, but no more! It is meaningless to mix the 2. They are both very different from one another, and I just can't stand when I see "Outer Scouts," and stuff like that. Scouts are girls who sell cookies, not fight evil! They are Sailor Soldiers, Warriors of Justice. Keep that in mind.

-Bad Page design: By this I don't mean you have to have a totally beautiful layout. To me, a bad layout is one where there are tons of meaningless pictures (taking up load time) and to top it off, lack of organization, and unreadable text. What you write is the most important part of our site! Don't use loud/flashy backgrounds in which you can't read text. You can do as I do, and organize your text into a table. The table can be set with a solid background color, and you can use the opposite color as text. This way, your background is still there, and everyone can read your text.

That about sums up my pet peeves! Now, I believe it is only fair that I explain my judging policy to all of you.

First Of all, The page review will be judged with little hearts that look like this . The maximum amount of hearts you can get are 5 in one category. If you don't get 5 hearts in a category, you may see hearts that look like this . These hearts are only there to show you that I am judging out of 5 hearts. Your Final judging is determinded mainly by an average of all the hearts you recieved for each category. Besides rankings, I will also go on to give a description of your site. From that, I will expand into the things I like about it, and problems it has, and ways to fix them. Then I'll sum up the page with my opinion of the page, and what I think needs the most/least work. Below I have a sample of what my rankings (at top of the review page) look like. Note, However, this isn't an actual review. I don't review Web Reviewers! I made all of this up.

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If you have any questions on how I review webpages, you can email me at, and we'll be in touch!

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