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Franz Liszt - 1811-1886



Franz Liszt was born in 1811 at Raiding near ÷denburg in Hungary. Liszt showed an early talent for music. After a piano recital in Pressburg, Lizst got support from members of the Hungarian nobility. This allowed the family to move to Vienna. Liszt took piano lessons from Carl Czerny and composition lessons from Antonio Salieri (who had also taught Beethoven and Schubert among others). In 1822 the Liszts moved to Paris, however Franz Liszt was refused admission to the Conservatoire because he was a foreigner. From here, Liszt started his career as a virtuoso displaying his gifts as pianist and composer. When Liszt's father died in 1827, Liszt was joined with his mother again, and in Paris, Liszt started to teach the piano. Liszt developed a relationship with the Comtesse Marie d'agoult, and had three children. This involved Liszt in years of travel, and from 1839, Liszt went out again as a virtuoso pianist. In 1844 Liszt broke with Marie d'Agoult. Liszt moved to Rome in 1861. He started a period of his life that he later described as "A three-pronged life". He divided his time between staying at his home in Rome, visiting Weimar, where he was a master of the keyboard and a prophet of the new music, and his appearences in Hungary where he was known as a national hero. Liszt's final years were busy. In his last year, he gave concerts in Budapest, London, Paris and Antwerp. He died in Bayreuth during the Wagner Festival.

Liszt wrote lots and lots and lots and lots and lots and lots of music, most of it for piano in one way or another. Among his most famous pieces are the Hungarian Rhapsodies, Etudes of various types, consolations, liebestršume to name but a few.

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