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Here you will find midi files of Liszt's works. As usual I will use only my midi files on this page, so there isn't much here at the moment - but there will be more in the future. Remember, this is an always growing collection of pieces. I will always be adding them. For more detailed information about the following pieces (i.e. work numbers e.t.c.) check the Liszt works list. If you have a request for a certain Liszt piece, you can E-Mail me, and I'll try not to disappoint you, however if it is not well known, the likelyhood of me being able to do the midi right away is low. Remember, we're talking about Liszt! When I have completed a set, e.g. all of the Hungarian Rhapsodies, I will put them into zip files for download, and if you want to see how I sequenced the files, E-Mail me and I'll be happy to send you the NWC files. I put most of the midi files here so that you can see if you like the music. If you do, I recommend buying a CD with the music on as these bring much more pleasure to listen to. Midi files have so many limitations. Especially with Liszt's music! "Naxos" CDs can be bought at around 5 each and they have a large selection of Liszt music and are currently involved in a project to release the complete piano works of Liszt on over 75 CDs. I have them all so far and they're good. Get the "Etudes d'execution Transcendante"! I hope you enjoy Liszt's music.

Hungarian Rhapsodies

Hungarian Rhapsody No.3 in B Flat Major

Hungarian Rhapsody No.15 in A Minor (Rkczy March)

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