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Dawn, in the "real world", is Vanessa Edwards, a mild mannered high school English teacher.  Born with the moniker of Vanessa Dawn Wilson in '68, I grew up just outside of Winston-Salem, NC.

After high school, I attended a local university (WSSU) and majored briefly in computer science before my liberal "Save the World" attitude got the best of me and steered me toward English education with a History minor. While a sophomore in college, I worked this nifty job at the local McDonald's and there I met the man who was to become my hubby within a year, Barry (One of the two good things that happened to me at that lame job.  The other was getting fired<grin>.) Barry and I met in a really different way.  I worked the drive-thru and we met when he drove up to buy some iced tea.

Well, English teachers are a dime a dozen, so when I graduated from college I was offered a job teaching kids with behavioral and emotional problems at the school I did my student teaching and I jumped at it. After 8 years of teaching exceptional ed., I was offered a vacated position at the school in the English department this year, and now teach 9th grade English.

Barry and I have been married for 11 years now and live about 20 miles north of Winston-Salem (translation: the boonies) in an old family farmhouse built in the 1870's that we are remodeling.

I got involved with Air Warrior when the game was playable at AOL in the AW4W/Classic version.  Barry (whose handle in AW is Striker, CPID: str1...played in Pac2 on AOL and Classic at Gamestorm) started playing AW in the winter of '97 when AOL went unlimited.  I soon found I couldn't tear him away from it.  Curiosity got the best of me one afternoon, and here I am:)   The game, after its demise on AOL and thus ending the use of multiple screen names, has caused us to become a two phone line, two PC home with one AOL account, one ISP, and two Gamestorm accounts.  What the heck though, its good, cheap fun and actually a stress reliever. Also, if I can ever drag him over into AW3 after his extended case of Air Warrior burnout, where else can you kill your hubby (repeatedly, even) without going to jail<BigGrin>????

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