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Welcome to my page of nostalgia on the net! A Little Blast from the Past! I add thing periodically, so check back often to see what's NEW!
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I am a "Baby Boomer" and remember the 50's with great nostalgia. I loved listening to the radio and the music of the era. Loved visiting the olde type soda fountains of the fiftys. On these pages I want to show some the the styles of dress in the fiftys and some of the things that made this era unique to the 20th century.

The music of the fifty's was special. I used to listen to them on the old jukebox as the drug store at the soda fountain.

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Fun also were the times when we would go out to the local drive-in movie theater and watch some of those classic B movies of the 50's like "Rebel without A Cause" and "The Blob".

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