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This is a site of fanfiction, written by an adult for other adults. Many of the stories contain themes unsuitable for children, and in fact some adults. These include romance and consensual sex, property damage, violence, strong language, and other topics to be named later.

Again, these are fanfiction, with all respect to their source material creators and owners. That includes Pet Fly, Bellisario, Alliance, Columbia Pictures and whomever else the lawyers say. I retain my intellectual rights as author of these particular stories.

I know, there's been nothing new here for entirely too long. Thanks go out to the readers that still come to visit.


If This Be Love Discoveries Fair Day Haywire I Shan't Tell
Southern Exposure Explorations      

Due South

Antipodes Recollection   Busman's Holiday Due North
Night Conversations        
We Are Gathered        
All the Queen's Men        
Southern Exposure        

Real Ghostbusters

By Any Other Name Vignette One Journeys End   Tis the Season
Handful of Thorns Vignette Two     Lather
Through Brake, Through Briar Vignette Three      


Sherlock Holmes

Addams Family Man from U.N.C.L.E. Quantum Leap Really!
Artifice et Guile Legwork The Lost and Found Affair Busman's Holiday Nonfiction
Honest Deceit        
Second Opinion        
Journeys End

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