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Closing The Gap Welcomes you.....please enjoy your visit

Due to unforseen cirucumstances, I will no longer be able to be actively involved with the searches. The site will remain open for people to search, however, I will no longer be posting any new registrants.

Closing the gap is a mutual consent registry open to all members of the adoption triad. I encourage anyone who is searching to register with the International Soundex Reunion Registry First. Please look for the link on the left.  It is listed as I.S.R.R

It is my goal to provide you with a safe environment to register and search on this site. All information provided is STRICTLY CONFIDENTIAL!! The only thing that is visible for people searching is...Date of birth, Place of birth, Male/Female, Who is looking (adoptee, bmother,bsibling,etc.) and Who you are looking for (adoptee, bmother, bsibling, etc.)

For those of you searching in the UK I have added a link to the left that will take you to some pretty good sites to aid in your search.

This is a free registry, however, it takes a lot of time and money to keep it running efficiently so donations are accepted and appreciated. Donations do not necessarily mean money, simply clicking on banners located on the donations page or visiting the money makers website (listed on the left) will help tremendously. Please note: Donations are NOT required to register or search.

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Please follow the webring below to continue your search and to register on some other sites. 


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