Dichroic Mirror

Eileen Bowe - vocals, guitars, keyboards, fretted dulcimer, mandolin, bass
Michael Gougis - guitars, bass, percussion, mandolin, vocals, electronic effects
Black Prince Edward - drums

Emotional, poignant, minor key, exotic music..Dichroic Mirror's exotic guitars intertwine with deep rhythmic keyboards and dark-hued bass lines. Lush and piercing, the music speaks to the deepest levels of the soul and mind.
Dichroic Mirror was formed in 1990 by Eileen Bowe and Michael Gougis. That year the duo released their first tape, "Dichroic Mirror." In 1993, the band released "Children of Lir," which was created in part through a long distance collaboration between Michael and Eileen with contributions by other musicians, after Michael's move to Chicago. Dichroic Mirror's first CD, "Silence is Foo," was released in 1994, and included remixed selections from the first two tapes. Michael returned to Los Angeles, reunited with Eileen, and together the pair produced their latest CD, "Nocturnal Garden," which was released in late 1996.
From the high-impact, melody-laden "Overload" to the eastern-inspired beauty of "Aswand," the destruction noise wall of "Storm of Tears," and the orchestral death walz of "Danse Mordibe," the latest disc, "Nocturnal Garden," is a journey through alienation and hope, a musical exploration of emotion and sound.
There has been a long connection between Dichroic Mirror and Stone 588. Eileen has helped Stone 588 in recording and filling in on keyboards. Terri Kennedy, lead singer for Stone 588, performed backing vocals on "Nocturnal Garden". In the last year Eileen became an official member of Stone 588 playing bass. Dichroic Mirror can be found on several compilations: "Dracula, King of Vampires" released by Cleopatra which contains "Essence Immortal". "Instants Ardents 2" on Les Variations Ludiques which contains "Tears of a Rose". Upcoming compilations include a Cure tribute put out by "Gothic Grimore" magazine from Germany and a tribute to David Bowie released by Wreckage Productions.

Contact Dichroic Mirror at P.O. Box 92721, Long Beach, CA 90809-2721, USA
Email: nocturne17@aol.com
Dichroic Mirror CDs and cassettes may be obtained through Mesmeric Records at the address above or through the Ipso Facto homepage at http://home.earthlink.net/~ipsofacto/ Enter the world of STONE 588

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