Dichroic Mirror Discography

Dichroic Mirror Releases:

Dichroic Mirror S/T cassette; independently produced

Children of Lir; cassette; independently produced

Silence is Foo; CD; Mesmeric Records 1995

Nocturnal Garden; CD; Mesmeric Records 1996

Compilations Dichroic Mirror has appeared on:

Manifestations, Vol. 6

"Dracula, King of Vampires" - Cleopatra Records, Los Angeles, CA, USA Released October, 1997.

"Instants Lointains"- From Les Variations Ludiques, Nantes, France - Released October, 1997

Forthcoming compilations containing Dichroic Mirror material:

A Tribute to David Bowie From Wreckage Productions, Hollywood, CA, USA

A Tribute to the Cure from "Gothic Grimoire" Magazine and the German Label Equinoxe - Summer 1998.

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