Samples of text from Dichroic Mirror material from the CD Nocturnal Garden. Copyright 1996. Publishing 1996 Mesmeric Music. All rights reserved. Unauthorized copying prohibited.


lyrics: Bowe

Walk in the shadow Of Devil's Peak Panorama of fears Unheard and obscene Cardboard Crown of Sorrow Catholic funeral in the rain Within black peril Of desolate souls Silouette that hides Obscure tragedy Cardboard crown of pain


lyrics: Bowe/Gougis

Face of disease Disfigures visage The screams upon sight The sentence of solitude Tears fall deep intothe mind Atmosphere of ignorance Blackened heart and soul Another name on the catacomb wall The mirror never reveals Scar tissue unseen Every hateful whisper Every pitiful stare The tears that fall are never seen


lyrics: Bowe

Stars veiled by clouds Icy grey dawn approaching Small cold voice echoes From dark, crooked passages Beyond the Door Sweet shadows of sound Encompass past and future Craving desire to leave Prison of obligation The window views heartbreak Beyond this is freedom Need to venture outside And leave this place


Lyrics: Gougis

There's a man waiting outside I can't see There's a knife in his mind And he's waiting for me Crow on his shoulder is Speaking in tongues And it goes for the heart Through the eye of the sun Telephones sing senselessly Don't recognize the tongue you speak Hold the stone that lets him sink Overload Wakes up screaming at twenty past four The mirror/ the face of the whore Hatred somewhere locked inside The ones with souls have Long since died

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