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Mistiri Histiri

This group formed @Georgia Tech in Atlanta. Originally there was just N.Y.ze and Stats with a D.J. named X. They did a talent show together and got up every so often. Don who was very under cover
with his beat making and even moreso with the rhymes soon got together with N.Y.ze and developed mutual respect for each other. Don later got invited to Stats place out in College Park and got
off a few freestyle verses. This eventually led to the group being formed and many sessions later we were Mistiri. True headz voiced their appreciation for our innovative style and sound. We
even got to perform with live musicians as heard in the freestyle sample on this page. We are currently all in our repsective cities working on solo efforts.



N.Y.zer (pronounced N. wiser) aka rezy N., Nyggenious.
This cat is from the Boogie Down baby he gets down baby.
Not that I'm on my man's d*ck but he says some wild ish. want to sample the literature? then peep it


Don Nicaragua maybe your baby father....
aka Minstrel Flux aka Freakastyle Dundee aka The Interior Wreck-creator........
You can try to steal one of my names.  Besides them being copyrighted
I can come up with more.  Oh by the way I'm from the city of Brotherly Love where they hug you to death
Coming up with aliases is not all I do.
I make BEATS! for those rugged individuals who can hold their own on
the MIC.

The pics

  Somebody said customers got served.

This African American Music Ring site owned by Don Nicaragua.
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