Epilogue: The Beginning


Later that Evening


Blair, Jim, Miles, and Julian were celebrating at Quark’s.  Constable Odo had given them the good news earlier.  Jim was staying and they would be keeping his abilities a secret.  A few officers now knew about it—a trusted, select few.  Julian’s friend Miles O’Brian was one of them.  The Doctor had decided to treat them all to a relaxing night out.


Quark walked by, a nervous look on his face.  Blair almost felt sorry for him.  The Constable had told them that Quark thought Jim was a telepath.  Jim decided to use that to his advantage.  Every time Quark saw him, Jim would glare at him knowingly.  Sometimes he would even say things like, “I wouldn’t do that if I were you”, or “You know that’s illegal” just to mess with the Ferengi’s mind.  It was working.  Quark would look flustered and make some excuse to leave quickly.  Who knew Jim would turn out to have such a devious sense of humor?


Blair and Miles were sharing stories of adventure while Jim and Julian played darts.  Blair and Miles had given up against Jim.  He almost always hit the bulls-eye.  Once he got the hang of his senses, he’d be hitting the center every time.  Julian seemed determined to beat him somehow and refused to quit.


Jim looked over at the young doctor beside him.  Bashir had hit almost as many bulls-eyes as he had.  And they were throwing from a good distance.  It seemed the good doctor had a few secrets of his own.  Jim had an idea about that, but quickly squelched it.  Bashir’s secrets were safe with him.


Julian was having a great time.  Ellison was the best opponent he’d ever played against.  The smile suddenly slid from his face when he realized he hadn’t been holding back against the lieutenant as much as he did against other people.  He’d been using his enhanced hand-eye-coordination skills in order to keep up.  Had Ellison noticed?  Julian glanced over at the other man.  Ellison had a knowing smile on his face but said nothing.  Julian could trust him.  Nevertheless, he called it quits, deciding they should join Blair and Miles for drinks at the bar.


They talked for a while about a wide variety of subjects, but it was Blair who dominated the conversation.  Jim shook his head in wonder.  Sandburg never seemed to run out of energy or material.  He had a story for every situation.  And it seemed Jim was going to hear them all--hopefully not in one night.


Blair noticed the indulgent exasperation on Jim’s face.  He had relaxed more as the evening progressed, making tentative friendships with Miles and Julian.  Blair was glad to see him open up--even just a little.


Just then Constable Odo came by to discuss something with Jim.  Trying to be polite, Blair asked him to join them.  “Have a seat, Constable.”


He gave Blair a sardonic look.  “No, thank you.  I’m on duty.”


Jim tried to suppress the chuckle that was bubbling up, but he couldn’t.  It burst from him, quickly turning to laughter at the look on Sandburg’s face as he realized what he’d said. 


Have a seat?  Blair couldn’t believe he’d said that.  He banged his head repeatedly on the bar.  Odo waited patiently, arms folded, for Ellison to stop laughing.


Miles and Julian stared at the three of them.  “What’s so funny?”


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