My Favorite Links


Ronin Warriors


Ronin Reserve: New Vanguard

This is a site with great fanfic.  The New Vanguard stories are extensive and involved—perfect for those who want a meatier story.  One of my favorite sites.  Don’t pass it up!


Ronin Warriors Links

This is a page of links to Ronin Warrior fanfics.  Unfortunately, a lot of them are dead links.  Enough of them are active and worth the time so I added this to my favorites. For Ronin fics, just go to any search engine like Yahoo and type in "ronin warriors fanfiction" or go to places like


Ronin Holt: the New Bloods

A cool Ronin Warriors role-playing site. Create characters and interact with other fans through online stories. Check it out!


Other Anime and Fanfic Sites


Dragonball Z Website

Character profiles, worlds, timelines, updates, chat rooms, etc. This is the official site. It's got a lot of stuff, but watch out. It's also very commercial. A lot of the really good personal fan sites seem to have disappeared.


Paladar’s World of FanFic

This site is monumental!  It has about 18 pages of fanfic almost exclusively devoted to the Power Rangers (yes, they’re goofy and a bit cheesy, but I like ‘em!).  Page 13 is my favorite with incredible stories--especially from Ellen Brand and Mandi Ohlin.


Power Rangers Central

Very current site with episode guides and a whole lot of other Ranger goodies! This page just recently became inactive. I'm going to leave it here on this page in hopes that its status will become active again. It's such a great site!


Gatchaman: Home of the White Shadow

Everything you’ve ever wanted to know about every incarnation of the Gatchaman series (most commonly known here as Battle of the Planets, among other things).


Ang’s Gatchaman Links

Information about the series plus message boards, chat rooms, and lots of links to other great Gatchaman websites (including its other incarnations).


Michelle Yeoh Web Theatre

Background info. and images from all her movies.  She is an action dynamo! 


The Cascade Library of Sentinel Fanfiction

A huge library of great fanfic about The Sentinel, an under-appreciated show from the mid-90's about a cop with super-heightened senses.




How to Draw Manga

Do not pass up this site if you are trying to learn to draw the anime way!  Very helpful tutorials.  Julie Dillon no longer maintains her tutorial pages, but this website has agreed to host its contents. There's also another artist, Kana-Chan, who gives weekly manga-drawing lessons.


Polykarbon Tutorials

Another incredible site for those interested in drawing the anime way.  This one has more specific instructions on using technological tools to get the effects you want.




Absolute Web Graphics Archive

Tons of buttons, bars, gifs, and backgrounds. Go crazy!

This site has great templates for creating your own logos, buttons, text, and more. Easy to use with a wide variety of interesting styles, colors, sizes, etc.


Absolutely Free Clipart

Nice place to go if you just want some quick little pictures for a paper or sign.  Good variety.


Clip Art: On the Net

Extensive list of sites for finding specialized clipart and graphics.


Misc. Information


Here are some related books that I think are great. I figured I should mention them because they've been such a help to me with my website and fanfic in general.

HTML for the World Wide Web (visual quickstart guide) by Elizabeth Castro, Peachpit Press, 1998.
This book has been wonderful in helping me learn HTML coding.

How to Draw Comic Book Heroes and Villains by Christopher Hart,Watson-Guptill Publications, 1995.
This book gave me a lot of great ideas and inspiration.

How to Draw Comic Book Bad Guys and Gals by Christopher Hart, Watson-Guptill Publications, 1998.
I modeled several of my character drawings on examples from this book.

How to Draw Anime and Game Characters, vol.1 by Tadashi Ozawa, Books Nippan, 2000.
This book is great! Several characters were modeled from examples here. And I confess I traced the basic body outlines from this book for a few of my drawings. Graphic-sha Publishing and Books Nippan have several other books of this type out.

The Anime Companion: What's Japanese in Japanese Animation by Gilles Poitras, Stone Bridge Press, 1999.
Don't pass this one up. It is an interesting look at all the tidbits of Japanese culture to be found in Japanese animation. A good resource for learning more about the people and customs of what you're watching.

Anime Essentials: Everything a Fan Needs to Know by Gilles Poitras, Stone Bridge Press, 2001.
For those of you wanting an overview history of Japanese animation, this is the book! Lots of examples of various shows and their place in the development of anime.