Super Fertilizer

Growing plants isn't always easy. The soil must be rich enough, the climate has to be conducive, the light and moisture have to be just right, and the roots need proper growing room. Even if everything is done correctly, the plants may still not grow. Sometimes fertilizers can be useful. But what type? Some fertilizers are dangerous to animals and children and some work only for certain varieties of greenery. Choosing can be difficult. But now there's a new kind of fertilizer guaranteed to always get spectacular results. Vines, flowers, shrubs, trees, etc.--all will benefit from the super fertilizer, Grow N' Glow.

Horticulturists and chemists at Ope N. Heimer Labs in Nevada have been trying to improve existing fertilizers for years while at the same time, making them safer for people and the environment. The result of their years of hard work? Grow N' Glow.

Grow N' Glow is guaranteed, 100%,, safe for everyone. Made of rich loam, diatomous earth, and nuclear waste facility by-products, Grow N' Glow is the answer to all your gardening needs. It has been enthusiastically endorsed everywhere else in the world, and as a result, has been rushed past U.S. inspection so it can be on your lawn in time for the first spring of the millenium. Don't start the new century with the same old yellowish yard and washed-out plants in your flower bed. Give yourself a green thumb with Grow N' Glow.


Grow N' Glow will make the most difficult plants blossom in the harshest of conditions. It will add color and vitality to weak, drooping greenery. Everyone else will be using it this year, why shouldn't you?


January, 2000