Computer Animated Photos

Computer graphics and animation have come so far in the last few years. At the forefront of the industry is CompLight, a small but booming company. The founders of CompLight, Jackson Klee and Paul Pollack, hope to make their business a household name with their incredible new photo-imaging computer program.

With PhotoPhun, anyone with a minimum of computer knowledge can turn home photos into life-like animated images on a monitor. A car-enthusiast could turn a picture of that souped-up hot rod into a computer image that peels out and zooms across the screen. Photos of children can be made to giggle. This program is great for making screen savers, sending interesting e-mail attachments, or just playing around.

We tried PhotoPhun and were astounded by the results. Here is a picture of a stock car race. CompLight's revolutionary animation has brought the action and excitement to life.
Look at 'em go!

Pets make especially good subjects for PhotoPhun. Here a picture of two kittens has been enhanced to show them playing with a ball of yarn. Notice the sharp, clear, life-like imagery.
How cute!

Grandparents will enjoy receiving an e-mail attachment with animated images of their precious grandbabies. Instead of the staid, frozen picture of a baby in a sandbox, one could send a photo of a baby laughing in the sand.
OOh!  A widdle baby!

The PhotoPhun Animation Program will be available in retail stores, computer stores, hardware stores, shoe stores, and all Fanny Mae candy stores by the end of the month. Reasonably priced at $799 for each part (12 parts total), PhotoPhun is expected to fly off the shelves.

July, 1999