Special Thanks for the Great Graphics

I am extremely grateful for the incredible graphics I was able to use in my site. The greatest part of all--they were free! I hope you've enjoyed them and will check out the wide range of graphics on my favorite clipart sites.

If you are interested in medieval, fantasy, sci-fi, Mayan or Egyptian graphics, check out Clipart Castle. They have buttons, bars, sets, icons, animated graphics, backgrounds--you name it!

If you have time to browse around, the class I originally made this web site for as an assignment recommended a great site of matching backgrounds, bars, and other images. I haven't used anything from this site yet, but it has some incredible stuff. Mosey on over to Cynthia's Backgrounds and Bars . You won't regret it.

Although I didn't borrow anything from Popular Science other than the inspiration for my website and the corruption of the name, I really must recommend the magazine for anyone who is interested in technology. This magazine contains articles about cutting edge machinery, inventions, their applications, and the future of technology. It always has a section featuring the latest gadgets on the market. Go ahead and take a look! You'll be surprised at some of the things people/scientists/engineers are inventing.


March/April, 1999