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In Loving Memory

Dana Johnson
April 2, 1964 - June 4, 1994
May God rest and keep your soul
All of my pages are in dedication to Dana and her family.
Dana passed away, as a result of Anorexia Nervosa

My friends, Connie & Richard Huttman,
lost their son Daniel, to Anorexia Nervosa.

Daniel Steven Coates
March 17, 1964 - December 24, 1996
May you touch the stars of Heaven

Close to You - Karen Carpenter Website
Articles - Anorexia Nervosa - Albums - Links - E-Mail - Sheet Music Store
Memorial Site for Victims of Eating Disorders
Dedicated to All the Men and Women Who Have Died at the Hands of Anorexia and/or Bulimia
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Other Memorial Links

Child Suicide
"A supportive resource for families who have lost a child to suicide."
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In Memory of My Dear Friend
Alan Repol
September 10, 1956 - May 6, 1999
May God Be With You Always
The Poets and Painters Pay Tribute

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