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The weather turned out great after a little shower and everyone gathered to eat, drink and enjoy good company.
Feasting was in full swing, along with brotherhood.
Keaton Aldridge sampled an ear of delicious corn before slipping away from his mother for some fun.
Brother Berl Perdue hoists a hello during the picnic.
Brothers Danny Thomas and Matt Dixon swap stories as Tim Graul looks on.
Elaine Mullikin relaxes during the festivities.
Brother Mike Wattenberger cozies up to the grill.
Brothers Don Skinner, Eddie Crews, Danny Thomas and Matt Dixon gather round the table.
Brothers Anthony Gatson, Ken Donta and Jasper Perkins.  
Brother Keith Mullikin contemplates another plate of food or maybe a nap.
Brother Bill "Stud Muffin" Bryant and his wife Nancy.  Maybe you can figure the nickname out.
Brothers Ray Caudill and Harvey Craycraft.
Brother Skinner pays attention.
Brother Kevin Winebrenner.  (You just can't get a picture of this guy!)
Fun, fun, fun!
This crew will sleep good tonight.
Wesley may already be asleep!
The older kids took up pool in the Lodge.
Some even took up gambling (just kidding).