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The Fraternal Order of Police has a long tradition of serving the professional law enforcement officer.

Founded in 1915 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, the Fraternal Order of Police has evolved into over 2000 local Lodges proudly representing over 270,000 officers nationwide.

The FOP exists to strive for betterment of the law enforcement profession for the individual officer and the collective membership.  By improving working conditions, wages, and benefits, and by monitoring and proposing effective legislation, the FOP provides a service and benefits to the law enforcement profession and the public to which it serves.

This web site is dedicated to all the past, present and future law enforcement officials in Winchester ~ Clark County, the Commonwealth of Kentucky and the United States of America.
FOP members across our nation believe in our national motto:
"Jus Fidus Libertatum"
(Law is the Safeguard of Freedom)