Ok, I guess I should say this before you go in. If you are an intelligent American(note:HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHHAHA OHHHHH I KILL ME) then you will also have a sense of humour and and will realize that this site does not target you. It is aimed at the really dumb ones who take it upon themselves to decide what's best for everyone and ruin other's lives, while screaming that they're doing it in the name of god.
If you're Canadian, please come in and enjoy a laugh at the expense of the states.
If you're from another country, also please come in and enjoy a laugh at the expense of the states.
Mind you, it's not all about the states. I only do something on them when there's something in the news that they've done that I deem worthy of mockery. Otherwise, it's just whatever idea pops into my head
So I guess if you're the easily offended type, I officially warned you, so don't come bitching to me. Wait, yeah, come bitching to me, because if really stupid people e-mail me I'll put the message up for all to see the idiot that is you.
Ahh yeah. I guess I should mention, it's pretty obvious that i didn't draw certain things here, as in pictures I cut up for use in strips. Just to make that clear, so nobody accuses me of stealing their work. If I did in fact take something that I shouldn't have, well, tell me. I probably won't do anything, but at least I'll know.