Well, I have a new strip up. But where the hell is all this new stuff I keep talking about? I'm such a bastard.
February 26, 2000-I'm going to update soon. No, really, I mean it. Stop rolling your eyes.
January 29, 2000-Someday I'm going to have a nice fast computer. That day will come soon. That will be the day that I actually go through with all the updates I've been planning. Until then, you get whatever crap I produce. Speaking of producing crap, I have a trilogy up. Read it, dammit. Laugh, or I'll find you.
January 8, 2000-This news section is getting crowded. I'll have to do something about that. Anyway, since I'm now listed on the LOWPOW, I guess I should put a bit of effort into the page for once. Make it all respectable-like.
January 4, 2000-I think Conan would be proud.
January 4, 2000-Yeah, I know, I hardly ever update. Shut up. I'm working on changing the site overall, making the layout better. I guess for that I'll have to learn html.
December 23, 1999- Well, two more. I've been thinking of putting Mr. T in some, because he's cool and all.
December 9, 1999- Why the long time since an update, you ask? I was asleep.
November 15,1999- I'm too tired to put any thought into any new ones, so here's an som one. Having just now awakened, there is a new regular strip too. Enjoy. Or die, either way is fun fun fun.
November 8, 1999- I'm telling you, he's a vietnamese spy. Ask him if you don't believe me. And hit the normal section, because colon trouble abounds.
November 6, 1999- Just to get it straight, because I don't want some stupid yank to think that this is a threat to the president, because it isn't. It's voicing my displeasure that you have no sense of humour, you god damned nazis. Two new ones. Hit the main stuff and the som page
November 3, 1999- Som learns the hard way that you don't mess with t
Ocotober 31, 1999- woooooooOOOOOO blair witch. I've had scarier farts. But the addition of the som page makes this much more scare-ifying
October 16,1999-I'm 18 today! Suck on that, loser!
October 9,1999-wild wild west i used to live downtown wild wild west
October 9,1999-Oh man, I am 18 as of the 16th. Now that's cool.
October(woo-hoo! rockin month)3, 1999- I made this comic while Brak was...eatin some beans...
September (i reiterte, ach blach poo)20, 1999- Ever wonder what colour toe-jam is? I mean, really.
September (icky poo) 16, 1999- I am tired as I make this, and my computer remains a turd.
September(ecch) 7, 1999- Well,in hatred of school, I present this. In other news, my computer is quite the turd.
August 29, 1999- Ker-blooey. Oh god I don't want to go back to school...
August 25, 1999- American woman, stay away from me, American woman, mama let me be. also check the link section
August 21, 1999-hint hint hint hint hint hint
August 15,1999- How many times do I have to piss on that flag before they screw off
August 13,1999-New one. blam blam blam blam
August 10, 1999- Not quite my favorite, but it's up there. Unfortunately this probably won't offend anyone
August 7, 1999- One more for the road. I'm proud of this one.
August 2, 1999- Yet another added. I'm really stretching to offend here folks, because let's face it, JFK Jr. was not the saint he is being made out to be.
July30, 1999- A few more added to the ever growing archive. I really hope I'm offending someone here.