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Yo people! Welcome to my pride and joy - MusicGal's Site! You gotta admit that I did a pretty good job on this! I mean, it still has its flaws and all, but I had fun working on it, and that's what's most important, right? = )

The music is FINALLY working! YIPPEE!!!!!! I mean what's a MusicGal's Website without music??? So turn on your speakers and let the music blast, 'coz I went through a lot of trouble just to get this thing fixed! loL!  I've made a few changes here and there, added some new stuff and I plan to never stop doing that. This site is always under construction, so never stop visiting it OK?

One more thing. I'm going to send out announcements to all my guests whenever I update this page, so
MAKE SURE  you sign my guestbook before you leave or I wouldn't even know you came!!!! Thanx a million! You are without a doubt the best! Well, have fun and never forget to


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