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FLAT ERIC WEB RING Welcome to the Flat Eric Web Ring, please feel free to browse. Buy Flat Eric Dolls Here!!! Scroll To The Bottom Of The Page!!!

The Flat Eric Web RingHi there, Flat Eric is alive again and the news groups are springing into life again


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About Flat Eric

Flat Eric is the coolest puppet ever, and the only ever puppet to smoke sausages. He has been bought to life in the Levi Sta -Prest Adverts and by Mr Ozio latest single. Mr Ozio started off the idea of Flat Eric, through a hand puppet he and his mate made called Stephane , Stephane was used in a short film by Mr Ozio. The main difference between Flat Eric and Stephane is that Staphane had Ears. Flat Eric got his name from the original idea of the ad which was to drive over his head leaving him Flat. The ad got dumped but the name stuck. Flat Eric was made by Jim Hendsons creature workshop, the same people who made the muppets. Flat Eric drives about with his mate Angel listening to Mr Ozios song Flat Beat.

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Please send us mail telling me what you think about this page and how I might improve it. Also if you would like to join the web ring e-mail me, telling me that you would like to join and I will send you the information.

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Site of the Month

The Cult Of Flat Eric


This site is well designed with loads of information about the yellow puppet, also lots of cool stuff and down loads, this is a definite must for all flat eric fans. It also claims to be the first site on Flat Eric. Also while @ the site while not join the mailling list for all the latest information on Flat Eric. There are also several sites made by the author Kitty kat, we haven't visited these but i'm sure there just as good.

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Last revised: April 24, 1999.

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Wild Thing Puppets, U.K.

Now we've a new version of Flat Eric, which looks much closer to the original.


ONLY 15 (including IMMEDIATE DELIVERY to anywhere in Europe!!)


  • PO BOX 23056
  • LONDON W11 2YY


Make CHEQUES payable to 'WILD THING', or send CASH by recorded delivery.

For an order form and FAQ, send a BLANK email to: You will receive an instant automatic reply. THE ERIC DOLL is 65cm tall, comes with REAL TRAINERS (see photo) and weighs 1Kg. All orders despatched same day. If paying by cheque, GBP Sterling 15 only. If paying by CASH, send any European currency to the value of 15. Questions and TRADE enquiries to:

I have just got my Flat Eric doll and they are really good. It looks so much better than the ones that you can buy in the shops.