Sixth Sense

Ever had a 'Sixth Sense' or 'Gut Feeling'?

Try, or have a guess anyway!

If you don't get it right, 'it doesn't matter'.

If you do, well then, 'good on you'.

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There are 5 trials for each of the 3 sections (i.e. colours, animals and shapes). More than three out of five apparently means that you are going beyond chance and possibly using your "Sixth Sense".  The answers to each section are changed regularly, so bookmark this section and come back again.

Answers Updated 1.2.2000

Below are three coloured circles.

SixthSyel,c 1.jpg (2579 bytes)                wpe1.jpg (2463 bytes)           SixthS,bl.jpg (2294 bytes) 

Which of these coloured circles will appear next?  Answer

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